Friday, June 20, 2008

Oh, how I've missed you all!

Where do I begin?? :)

I've missed you all so much and have really missed posting on here and corresponding with you all these past few weeks!

First off, we had a WONDERFUL vacation to Indiana. I will be posting pics from that vacation shortly, and will fill you in on some really special, memorable happenings that took place while we were there! :) The Lord really blessed us during this vacation, to say the least!

We returned from vacation on Sunday night, June 1st, and since then have been trying to get back on track with everything, sort out our summer schedule, begin piano lessons(taught to me by my wonderful mother-more on that later ;)), etc. etc. Have you ever experienced a week or two in your life where you know pretty much what happened during that time, yet you wonder where the time went and whether or not you accomplished anything? Well, that's exactly how I've been feeling the past two weeks.

But, don't fear! This blog will very soon be up and running full swing ahead! :) The article series I mentioned a few posts ago will be begun here on my blog within the week. I will be getting to each and every comment and e-mail I've received in the past month or so(most of which have been on the subject of homemaking and that post I did a few weeks ago!!). Never fear-all your questions, comments, and input will be acknowledged and answered in full! :)

Thank you all so much for your patience. You are all such a God send! God bless you all.