Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Welcome to my brand new blog/About my blog!

Hi, everyone! Welcome to my blog! I'm so glad that each and every one of you is here to visit and hope you will come back quite often, as well as tell your friends and family about it!

This blog is dedicated to encouraging, strengthening, and edifying girls and young women as they seek to return to the beauties of home and family, Biblical femininity, modesty, discreetness, chasteness, humility, and Biblical daughterhood and womanhood. I hope that this blog will be a breath of fresh air to you, and be a haven where you can be girded, strengthened, encouraged, and prepared for the battle before us in the savagely humanistic, feministic culture in which we live.

I pray this blog and its posts will encourage you as you grasp the Biblical vision of returning to the glorious and noble missions of Biblical femininity and womanhood in the midst of a culture that is disgusted with and belittles anything or anyone who is distinctly feminine and ladylike: a homemaker, a submissive wife/daughter, one who loves and enjoys the noble titles of virtuous daughterhood, submissive wifehood, blessed motherhood, or someone who enjoys and takes great joy from being a helpmeet (or helpmeet in training). This world desperately needs more young girls who will embrace this vision now, and who will grow into noble, virtuous, God-fearing women. We need girls and young ladies who will grow up to be godly and virtuous women who love and are not afraid to have the precious titles of wife, mother, and homemaker (titles that were lovingly God-ordained exclusively for women). Girls who have no concern or desire to look "cool" in the world's eyes or to please them, but rather desire to bring glory and honor to and please their Lord and Savior Jesus Christ who has bought them with a price. The following beautiful poem so clearly depicts this truth:

The Need of the Hour by Ella Wheeler Wilcox

What does our country need? Not armies standing
With sabers gleaming ready for the fight;
Not increased navies, skillful and commanding,
To bound the waters with an iron might;
Not haughty men with glutted purses trying
To purchase souls, and keep the power of place:
Not jeweled dolls with one another vying
For palms of beauty, elegance and grace.
But we want women, strong of soul, yet lovely
With that rare meekness, born of gentleness;
Women whose lives are pure and clean and holy,
The women whom all little children bless:
Brave, earnest women, helpful to each other,
With finest scorn for all things low and mean:
Women who hold the names of wife and mother
Far nobler than the title of a queen.
Oh! These are they who mould the men of story,
These mothers, ofttime shorn of grace and youth,
Who, worn and weary, ask no greater glory
Than making some young soul the home of truth;
Who sow in hearts all fallow for the sowing
The seeds of virtue and scorn for sin,
And patient, watch the beauteous harvest growing
And weed out tares which crafty hands cast in.
Women who do not hold the gift of beauty
As some rare treasure to be bought and sold,
But guard it as a precious aid to duty-
The outer framing of the inner gold;
Women who, low above their cradles bending,
Let flattery's voice go by, and give no heed,
While their pure prayers like inscense ascending:
These are our country's pride, our country's need.

I pray that this beautiful poem was an encouragement to you to be godly young women to the glory of God in the middle of this world which scorns all things feminine and lovely.
May the Lord richly bless you and grant to you strength as you strive to glorify, please and honor Him through Biblical femininity, amidst a world and culture who belittles such ladies.

By His grace and for His glory,
Rebekah Ann Shadoin

*The above poem is an excerpt from the beautiful book entitled, Verses of Virtue: The Poetry and Prose of Christian Womanhood. It is compiled and edited by Elizabeth Beall Phillips, mother to 8 children, and wife of Doug W. Phillips, Esq., the President of Vision Forum, Inc. This book is available through http://www.visionforum.com/, and I would very highly recommend it to each and every one of you young ladies out there who are seeking encouragement regarding your vision of noble daughterhood and womanhood.


  1. Welcome to the blogosphere, Rebekah! Thanks for the comment on our blog!

    I look forward to reading more of yours!

  2. Thank you SO much for your sweet welcome, Anna! I don't know many people at all, and am trying to get the word out about the blog, and so it was such an encouragement to see your comment! Thank you so much! I apologize for not posting much lately-the past two weeks have been extremely busy!

    P.S. Your blog is such an encouragement to me! I enjoy all of your posts! I'm so glad I found your blog!

  3. Dear Rebekah,

    I memorized that poem once. I look forward to looking around your
    blog for awhile. You sound like you are very likeminded with me


  4. Hi, Amber!

    What a joy it is so "meet" another likeminded lady!! It's been such a wonderful encouragement for me to meet likeminded girls online.

    You memorized it? What a wonderful idea! I should do that. It offers such a wonderful example to help us keep our minds on track and to meditate on our wonderful, Biblical and God-given vision of victorious and beautiful Biblical daughterhood, womanhood, and femininity.

    I hope you do read my other posts, and come back often! Do you have a blog? If so, I would love to check it out. And, feel free to e-mail me any time if you want to get to know me and my beliefs a little more. living_for_my_Lords_glory@hotmail.com (*note: no apostrophe in the word Lords-hotmail doesn't allow commas, apostrophes, etc.)

    Have a blessed weekend,

  5. Dear Rebekah,

    I don't have a blog. I'm a little young, I'm only 12. Thank you for your warm welcome.


  6. Amber,

    Hi again! Thanks for returning! :) I completely understand. When is your b-day? Mine is July 12th. Do you have an e-mail address?

    You're welcome! It's always a joy to see new people accessing my blog, and to be able to make new likeminded friends! :)


    P.S. Are you and your family familiar with www.visionforum.com and www.visionforumministries.org?

  7. Oh dear. The reason fundamentalist evangelicals want to keep their children at home is so that you aren't exposed to the outside world. If your faith is as strong as you profess and you are as committed to God and Jesus as you say, what would be the danger in sending you to the outside world to understand what the rest of us believe?


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God bless you!

~Rebekah S.