Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Back Safely! :)

This will, regretfully, be a very short post! :/

We arrived home safely from our wonderful trip last night at around 12:30 am. We were delayed in our arriving home by the fact that my dear little brother got sick about 3 hours after eating a hamburger at McDonald's! That may be just a coincidence, and he may actually have a bug, or he may really have food poisening. Either way, by God's grace, he's doing much better this morning.

Our vacation was wonderful! It was so great to visit with family, meet my new little 7 week old cousin, and visit Voddie Baucham's church(and meet my dear friend Jasmine! :)). More info about our trip as well as pics from it will be posted asap.

A huge thank you to all who commented on my blog during my vacation. It's a joy to know that my dear readers follow my blog just as much when I'm here as when I'm not. There are many comments I received that I must respond to, but cannot at the present, for we are unpacking, trying to get our house back in order, do school, etc. etc. All comments will be responded to asap, though! There are also many posts that will soon be published on the subject of Gov. Palin and women in leadership positions. While on vacation, I received the extremely common question, "What about Deborah??" I will be addressing this subject as well asap. Please be patient! :)

Many blessings to all!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Update on the Progress of Upcoming Stay-at-home Daughterhood Article Series

I've received numerous e-mails and comments about my upcoming stay-at-home daugherhood article series, and I'm so thankful! The Lord has been so gracious to generate such an interest in this important series. I'm so happy that the word has spread and that so many families are excitedly anticipating this series.

One of the most popular questions I'm receiving right now is: "When will the series be posted??", so I feel that I need to give you all an update on the series' progress! :) I've completed the introduction to the series and am editing the "Biblical Case for Stay-at-home Daugherhood" article. I'm currently preparing for the second full-length article which will be on the subject of why stay-at-home daugherhood is so important to God and why feminism thus so adamantly attempts to destroy it. During our trip(driving to Arkansas, then driving to Texas, and finally driving back up to Tennessee), I will be reading a book that will prove, I'm sure, to be most helpful in my endeavors. The book is entitled Karl Marx on Education, Women and Children, and I'm sure will help much in my mission to uncover the hand Mr. Marx had in the Women's Rights movement, and ultimately, in feminism.

So, that's where I am right now in my preparation and writing of this series! :) As soon as the Biblical Case article and the article mentioned above are completed, then I will begin posting the series, with the introduction on a Friday and one article on each of the following Fridays. During these first 3 weeks when the introduction and first 2 parts of the series are being posted, I will continue to write the other installments of this series, and post 1 on each following Friday, until all has been posted.

During this writing and preparation time, I ask that you would all please pray for me, that the Lord would give me the words He wants me to write and that His hand would be on this series, blessing it and making it fruitful.

It is my humble prayer that the Lord would use this series in amazing ways to reform our families, churches and nations, and take all Christians back to the "old paths, wherin there is life".

Monday, September 1, 2008

Question Received on the Subject of Modesty

I recently received the following question:

I had a question for you about your sewing. Last summer I bought several dresses before I understood about dressing modestly. I still love the style and fabric of the dresses but would like to add length and make them not so low cut. Do you have any ideas to do that to dresses (or other articles of clothing so I'm not getting rid of much loved clothing and not spending tons of money for a new wardrobe but can make them modest. )


First of all, what a great question! I'm so glad you asked it! Secondly, praise God for His working in your life, to bring you to the joys and blessings of modesty! That's so wonderful. I also must say that I really admire your desire to be frugal-that's a great and very helpful
characteristic for a woman to have!

I'm not the most skilled sewer by any means, but I'd be happy to share with you some tips I have. First off all, I often wear a tank top or cami of some sort with tops and dresses that are cut low. Layering like this is really cute and fun, and adds some unique detailing to your outfit. You can also go to a fabric store to search for some fabric that will match your dress and then possibly sew that to the top of the dress front. You could also buy some lace and sew that to the front if the article of clothing is just an inch or two too low. Also, with some patterns, you can, when cutting the fabric out, lengthen the bottom of the article of clothing, or make it higher in the front. You can't do this with all patterns though, so be careful! If you have a pattern that this can be done with, then do not cut along the line of the pattern piece where you want to add length-instead, cut a few inches above it.

As to adding length to the bottom of skirts or dresses, I would suggest adding some lace or detailing to the end of the skirt or dress. You could also purchase some fabric to match and make your skirt a multi-fabric skirt, which are really cute!

Also, if you're in need of modest clothing but don't want to spend much, I encourage you to check out thrift stores and resell shops. You can find some really cute, like-new dresses and skirts for low prices.
My dear friend Allison gave some great ideas in the comment section of this post:

"**Anonymous: My sister and I have added pieces to make sleep-shirts not so low-cut, so it's kind of the same idea. I'm not an expert seamstress at all, and it might depend on the kind of dress it is, but if you simply find a material that matches, you can sew it on the inside of the dress to make it higher-cut. My sister also added length to her sleep-shirt, but she ended up not liking it because she couldn't take very far steps or sit down well. Keep that in mind--unless you add a material that's stretchy or have a dress that flares quite a bit, you might have some trouble doing stuff in it! However, my sister's was a sleep-shirt, so it's not quite the same thing. :) Also, with some shirts or dresses I layer them with a tanktop to make them more modest. Hope this helps a little! In Christ, Allison"
Thanks so much for your help and great advice, Allison!

I hope her tips and mine prove helpful to you, anonymous!

**Input requested: do you have any tips for this lady? If so, please write about them in the comment section.

*this is scheduled post #1-I'm currently on vacation.