Thursday, August 20, 2009

A Plea to the American Unbelievers of Today

*The following was written for a school Bible/writing assignment, but, with the knowledge that some of my readers profess to not be Christians, and are thus unsaved, I felt that the Lord would have me post this on my blog as well. May it prove to be a blessing to all who read what's contained herein.

A Plea to the American Unbelievers of Today

The vast majority of you claim to believe in God. However, what do your actions say? Do they agree with and support your words? By no means. Some of you even go around claiming the name of Christ, but to no use. You claim it in vain. You are filled with carnality and are thus the enemies of God, not the friends thereof. I would submit to you that the belief you claim to hold is not a belief in the One True God, but rather a belief in the gods who are a figment of your imagination. Most of you do indeed believe in a god or gods, but none of these will be able to help you on the coming Day of Judgment-you will be left in your sins if you do not turn from them now unto the true and living God.

You rely on your made up gods and religions in the hopes that one day you'll be found worthy to enter heaven. These false gods of yours do not exist and will therefore be of no assistance to you on that day when you find yourself at the judgment seat of Christ. Woe to you who believe in these false gods! Woe to you because there is no hope whatsoever for you. That is, unless you turn from these fantasy gods to the One true God and His Son Jesus Christ.

You all go scurrying about in an abyss of relativism, chained by confusion and chaos. All this worrying and arguing about what truth is could easily be avoided if you simply turned from Satan, the author of confusion, to Christ, the author of all true knowledge. Fear of Christ is the beginning of knowledge, but not one of you possesses true knowledge, for you do not fear Christ. You must repent of your sins and turn to the Savior. God has revealed Himself to you through your consciences, His creation, and His Word, but you have ignored each and every one of these signs from Him. He will not be patient and kind to you forever. One day, He will turn from His lenience to His wrath and will subdue each of you and your sins. On that great Day of Judgment there will be no chance for any of you to repent of your sins and turn to the Savior. That chance only exists today, in this moment, as you don't know what the next day or even the next hour may bring. Your only hope is to be found right now as you listen to my words. When I am finished speaking to you, your time of hope may be finished as well. You have but a moment to believe on the Lord Jesus Christ in faith. Your life is but a vapor and will soon be gone, and if your life ends before you turn unto Christ, your soul will forever be lost. Jesus is showing to you His tender mercies in allowing you to hear His truth today. Do not resist these mercies, but rather cling to them. They are your only hope of salvation.

Now, as I close, I plead with you, I beseech you, to not turn away from your only chance to be saved. Turn not your back on this loving Savior Who died on the cross to save sinners such as you. Do not choose to spend eternity in hell; choose rather to spend your eternity in paradise, in the presence of the God Who shed His blood to save all those that would believe. Rich peace and joy that passes all understanding would immediately fill your souls if only you would surrender them to God. Please do not turn away from His offer of salvation. Today is the day of salvation, today is the appointed time. Turn not away.