Friday, August 10, 2012

Oh, how I have missed this!

Has it really been a year since I last posted? *considers running off to go hide my face in shame* ;)

Really, though, in all seriousness, I am shocked that it has been so long since I last frequented my humble little corner of blogland. If anything, this one year hiatus does prove that....drumroll please....

I am a procrastinator. What? Are you surprised? ;)

That is the sad truth. But while I do feel like I have wasted a lot of time in this past year where I could have been actively updating my blog, I will say that I believe some good has come from it-I have a new-found love for blogging. That's right, I miss it and I'm aching to jump back in! (Yes, I know I shouldn't end sentences with a preposition! ;) )  While there were times a few years ago when I would feel really burned out with this whole blog thing (maybe the idea that I had to update every single day had something to do with that?), I don't feel that way now. So, while it is true that I have wasted a lot of good writing time that I cannot get back, perhaps my blog will be all the better for that year-long break from posting. Maybe I'll be able to serve my readers better. Maybe my newly amplified enthusiam for all things writing, living, memory-making, etc., will rub off on y'all. And maybe we'll all be the better for it.

So, without further ado, I'm off to go brainstorm and then roll my sleeves up and get down to business. The business of formulating content that will inspire, encourage, challenge, and bless you. For, what could be better than that? ;)

Until then,

P.S. Thanks for sticking by me, y'all! Your patience will be rewarded, I promise!
P.P.S. Blogger has made a ton of changes since I was last on here. There are crazy new features. Wow! :)