Friday, October 19, 2007

The beauty of chivalry

Chivalry is a beautiful long last art. It desperately needs to be brought back! Thanks to fierce feminists, chivalry has been scared out of the majority of men in our world today, due to the fact that these women yell at and put down any man who "dares to attempt to open the door for them." What is wrong with these women?! Everytime a man opens a door for me, happiness and joy rises up in my soul. It is such a blessing! It shows that that man values you and knows that it is his Biblical duty to protect women, to open doors for them, to pull out chairs for them, etc. Praise God for such bold and brave men, both young and old! My father and I attended the 2007 Vision Forum Father Daughter Retreat back at the end of March/beginning of April. While there, I was walking from one building to another. Scott Brown's son David saw me coming while I was still a good 30 to 50 feet away. He could have just gone on about his business, since I was still far away from the door. But instead, he stopped what he was doing, waiting until I got to the door, and opened it for me. I was shocked! He didn't even know who I was, yet because I was a female, he knew that it was his duty to open the door for me, and he did so cheerfully. That was such a blessing to me! May the Lord richly bless such young men as him who know what their duty is and preform it happily and with joy!

The following is an excerpt from the 1911 Boy Scout Handbook. If only more young men would read this wonderful, godly book and live it out!

The same thing that entered into the training of these men, knights, pioneers...must enter into the training of the boy scouts of today. Just as they respected women and served them, so the tenderfoot and the scout must be polite and kind to women, not merely to well-dressed women, but to poorly dressed women, not merely to young women, but to old women: to women wherever they may be found-wherever they may be. To these a scout must always be courteous and helpful. When a scout is walking with a lady or a child, he should always walk on the outside of the sidewalk, so that he can better protect them against the jostling crowds. This rule is only altered when crossing the street, when the scout should get between a lady and the traffic, so as to shield her from accident or mud. Also in meeting a woman or child, a scout, as matter of course, should always make way for them even if he himself has to step off the sidewalk into the mud. When riding in a street car or train a scout should never allow a woman, an elderly person, or a child to stand, but will offer his seat; and when he does it he should do it cheerfully and with a smile.

Oh, Lord, please rise up more men who will take this duty seriously, and who will grow up to be chilvarous men of valor-this country is in desperate need of them!


  1. Oh, if only we'd see more young men with chivalry and young women cultivating gentle and quiet spirits. I agree that a lot of it has to do with the feminist movement, for they "took over" men's roles, and began to make them feel less like leaders. Thank you for this post! :)

  2. You know what I noticed? Since I started wearing skirts, men hold the door for me much more often, or give up their seat for me! Isn't that interesting?

  3. I quite agree. I sure wish there were more men practicing this lost art. However, as women haven't wanted to be regarded as special and weaker, men don't do that anymore. (Bummer for those of us who do want something different!)

  4. Allison,

    So very true! I couldn't agree more with what you said!


    I've noticed that as well!! I now wear skirts, dresses, or jumpers exclusively, and I've noticed that I'm now treated more as a lady. What a wonderful feeling it is to be a true lady and to be treated as such! When we dress and act like ladies, then men begin treating us more like ladies. But if we dress and act like them, they won't see us as ladies nor will they treat us like such, because to them, we will seem just like one of the guys.

    Me too! I know. It's just all so sad!!

  5. People treat me more respectfully now that I wear skirts, too. I know some young men who treat women like princesses all the time, whether they wear pants or skirts, but those gentlemen are few and far between.

    Just to illustrate their gentlemanliness, I'll give you an example. I drove across the province with one of them a few weeks ago and he drove me a few other places as well. Every time we got into the car, he would open my door first, wait til I got in and had tucked in my skirt, closed the door for me, then walked around the vehicle to let himself im. Wow! Did I ever feel like a lady! It was really refreshing to be treated so decently.


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