Friday, August 29, 2008

Should Women Vote?

In light of the fact that this is the anniversary week of Women's Suffrage, I issue forth a question that I hope all my readers will take the time to answer:

In your opinion, should women have ever been given the right to vote? Why or why not?

When I return from vacation, I will weigh in with my own opinion on this subject and the reasons behind my beliefs in this area.

Thank you very much for your input, everyone!

*P.S. I will be leaving for vacation tomorrow morning, Sat. Augu. 29th. I'm currently writing up numerous posts which will be scheduled to be published while I' m gone. I will have brief computer access while on vacation, so I will be moderating comments and may publish an unscheduled post while on vacation! :) Have a blessed weekend everyone, and a great Labor Day!


  1. Jennifer,

    Thank you for your input. What are your reasons behind this belief?


  2. Hi Rebekah,

    My apologies for not giving reasons at the time I made my original post. I know there is a common argument out there which is popular with anti-feminists that the Founding Fathers of this nation only intended one vote per household and therefore, women shouldn't vote. Now, I'm a strict constructionist when it comes to the Constitution... but the Constitution also stated that black people only counted as 3/5's of a person when it came to determining the number of representatives from each state in the House. In other words, the Fathers weren't right about everything.

    Like it or not, we live in a world where women have rights. Women fought and DIED to exercise these inalienable rights given to them by God. The right to liberty is one of those rights and voting is a way in which we can preserve that right. Frankly, I think it is my civic duty as a duly responsible citizen of this country to exercise my Constitutional right (and privilege) to vote. When I speed on the freeway and get pulled over, is my husband held responsible, or am I? We are citizens of the City of God, yes, but we are also citizens of the City of Man (see Augustine's City of God for more on this). And while we are always to follow God's principles in these matters, where the Bible falls silent, we are allowed liberty.

    I am fairly certain you'll disagree with me and that's fine. But do keep in mind that a lot of the women you admire, such as Stacy McDonald and even Jennie Chancey have admitted to voting in elections, even recent ones.

    Anyway, thanks for asking. I hope I've been able to string together a few complete thoughts. I'm sitting here typing fast, but falling asleep. Its been a loooooooong day.

    Have fun on your vacation.

  3. This is something I have thought about and although I'm not convinced either way, here are some of my most recent thoughts....
    I see numerous verses in scripture where it is clear that men should represent their families, their wives, their daughters and their sisters...
    For Example:
    Like in the book of Ruth (Ruth 4) Boaz went to talk to the men about his marriage to Ruth.
    He represented Ruth, Ruth did not represent herself.
    Also in Proverbs 31:23 it says "Her husband is respected at the city gate, where he takes his seat among the elders of the land." It says her husband is known at the city gate, not her. He is her representative, she does not represent herself. Although, a godly husband would owe much of his success to his proverbs 31 wife, it is because she is at home making it a haven, raising godly children and bringing sweet aroma to the home that he is able to be a such a success. The two have different roles yet both are equally vital to the Kingdom of God. Once we start reversing our roles then we are setting ourselves up for disaster, like it states in Isaiah 3:11-12, it is a curse on the nations when roles are reversed and women are ruling over men.
    Just some food for thought.
    There are some more scriptures on this but these are just a couple that come to mind.

    I've enjoyed your blog. It is a blessing to see a young woman striving to glorify God and proclaim Biblical Femininity! Praise Him for all things!!

    my email is-

  4. Yes. Are we not citizens of this country? Are not all citizens 18 or older of this democracy granted the right to vote? Do we not have our own minds, our own opinions, our own views? And does our country not encourage us to fulfill our obligation as responsible citizens and take part in the democratic process in this country, whether our vote be for Republican, Libertarian, Democrat, Independent, Green, etc? What about in other countries, where women who have no possibility whatsoever to allow their voices/votes to be heard? Do we not owe it to them to cast our vote? Will you, Rebekah, vote in two years when you turn 18?

  5. That's a hard question. I'll have to process my thoughts, because I want to say yes and no. Right now my choice would probably be no, because when the men used to only vote, it was the family's vote, not the single persons. So the family was a unit, hopefully deciding together who is qualified to lead and the father acting on that.

  6. Yes, I do!

    We as Christians in America have an amazing opportunity to impact the culture around us through our involvement in the political process. As a Christian young woman, I am *thrilled* to vote according to principal, and to take bold stances for what I believe.

    Daddy and I are the two who are most interested in politics in the Baucham household, so we're very excited about this election -it will be my first year to vote (if I actually register in time. :)

  7. Hi! :) I found this blog through the Kindred Spirit Network. Good question!

    I think women should vote, not as a show of power, or equality with men; but rather as a means of furthering Christ in their society. As Proverbs 3:27 says, "Do not withhold good from those to whom it is due, when it is in your power to do it." Should we stand back and let a government which condones abortion, etc., take power? If we all voted, we'd strengthen the votes of our Christian brothers by doubling them!

  8. I agree with Oksana. The only reason we should vote is to stregnthen the amount of votes from the Christian community. If we were married to a godly husband we probably should ask his opinion on who we should vote for. What is sad is when Christians are so caught up with making history, that they forget that it's the principle that matters, not the color of one's skin.

  9. Rebekah, I will admit it is very difficult. In most cases, women have a tendency to go against their husbands in voting, and that I don't believe is wise and good. However, now that we do have the right, I would say that it is our duty and privlege to vote.

    But I always talk my thoughts over with Mom and Dad first! WE all talk about how we are thinking in matters.

  10. I personally disagree with the view a few girls expressed that we should vote for the purpose of furthering Christ in our society.

    I hardly expect anyone to agree with me on this, but our faith is not to be spread through politics. We are not a theocracy; we are not even a Christian nation, and our Founding Fathers were NOT all Christians, either.

    Jesus didn't tell us to go out and make disciples by enforcing Christian morality upon society via the government (which is what most conservative Christian Republicans desire). We MAKE DISCIPLES who strive to be obedient to Christ in their hearts.

    So yes, I believe we should vote, but not for the purpose of forcing our morality into the government. They are separate for a reason.

  11. Your question was if women should have ever been allowed to vote. I don't think so - but now that they have, I believe it is our responsibility as citizens and Christians to vote. An entire household voting in agreement is powerful thing!

    As Oksana already stated, our votes should "further Christ in our society". We may not live in a theocracy but we ARE called to live out our faith and our votes should be consistent with what God requires of His people. By voting our Christian conscience we are not ENFORCING our morality we are simply exercising the privilege granted to all under our representative form of government.

  12. I know thisis a little late to be posting this, but I happened to stumble across your blog and your question intrigued me so much I felt compelled to send in my thoughts as well.

    Your question is, I must admit, quite a touchy subject. You don't usually hear from the pulpit about these things. Very few pastors have the guts or the wisdom (I'm not quite sure which) to confront this issue. I'm not enitirely sure where I stand on such an issue either.

    The answer must be reached by deep study of the scripture, as well as our own history. There was a time when woman WERE looked down upon. You couldn't go to college, or be taught at the same level as a man. Being a lover of books and knowledge myself, I can say that would have been a horrible time live in. As with the Montgomery Bus Boycott, the "Votes for Women" was only an one part of the greater issue: the equality of woman to man. (Now before I continue, I want to make sure that you are not mistaken when I say this. I do not believe that we are equal to man in EVERY way. But I do KNOW that we were BOTH made in the image of God, and therefore, while we are VERY different and made for very different purposes, neither is better, smarter or more human then the other.)

    That's how I have found the "Votes for Women" started, however, the Devil as always will twist what is good and make it for his own purpose. The Women's Rights got blown out of porportion and now we find ourselves in a country with woman clawing their way to the head of their families, and even the country (i.e. Hillary Clinton)

    I know that when I marry, I will marry a Godly, Christian man who will continuely seek God's will, and I will follow him in whatever he decides. In this way, God can strongly use us, united as one, to effect our country for the better.

    Now I have been a Christian since I was 4 and my parents were Christians long before I came around, so I really have no idea what it must be like to live with a non-believer in your home, especially when it's your husband. I know the Bible says "Do not be unequaly yoked", and in that case I have to say that they choose foolishly and are now paying the consiquences. But what about the women who come to the Lord AFTER marriage? Then it becomes a little more difficult to say directly one way or another. In that case I really don't know what say. I know the Bible does give some "exceptions to different laws such as with divorce, which I used to think was totally out of the question no matter what life you live, my view was changed when God brought a family into our lives who was experiencing domestic violence. It was horrible to the point of vomitting (sorry to be so explicit) and I must say that I finally understood the exception God put after that law.

    So in answer to your question: Should Women Vote? My answer would be in two parts. Yes because two are better then one, No because it has a tendency to go the prettier one's head. :)

  13. Yes, women should vote. Not for spiritual reasons but because we have a duty as citizens of this country. We have the rights and freedom to vote and we are just as equal as men when it comes to voting. Those who refuse to vote because they believe only the men should vote, are doing this country a disservice. This is the 21st century, not the horse & buggy days....women are not the property of men; we are human beings with a mind, intelligence, and the ability to think/reason for ourselves. We were created equal in the image of God...thus, we have just as much right to vote as men do.

  14. I didn't vote this year, why? Because I am a woman. :) I am not giving a full explanation at this time because I want to talk it over with my husband first.

    An interesting note is that when this nation was first founded, not only did only men vote, but only men who owned property could vote.

    God Bless!


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