Friday, June 18, 2010

Photos from Indiana! :)

Mama, Daddy, Papa, me, and Andrew
Me with my Papa :)
I see you! :)
Photogrpahy by Andrew :)
The most beautiful weeds I've ever seen!
Nanny's lilies
When the sun shines on this, it just sparkles with color!
More of Nanny's beautiful flowers

Nanny's petunias 
Nanny and me :)
Me with Nanny and Papa (who have been married 70 years; they are an inspiration!)
Field across the street from Mammy's house. See the standing water? There was a strong storm one night while we were there, which resulted in many of the fields turning into lakes
Family photo!
With Mammy :) Look how tall Andrew's gotten!
Me with my Proverbs 31 role model, Mammy
Me with great-uncle Glen and great-grandma Mammy
Indiana has some beautiful sunsets!
Here's the after photo (sorry these pictures are a little out of order!)
Homemade pizza-a Mammy specialty! :)

Me rolling out homemade pizza dough for dinner
I caught her! ;)
Me and Daddy Indiana tradition!
The Shadoin men :)
Mama and her uncle
A little blurry....
How's this for a candid shot? :)
Mama got a little close with this one! :)
Me and my not-so-little brother
The family
This spider decided to take up residence on our van while we visited Nanny and Papa
More of Nanny's flowers....she has such beautiful flowers each year!

So sweet!
See the finch eating upside down?
Me and Nanny
Mammy's backyard...I love the beautiful Indiana farm scenes
What can I say? :)
We had a wonderful time together in Indiana a couple weeks ago. I hope you enjoyed this little glimpse into our family vacation. :)


  1. Just curious if your Nanny and Papa have been married 70yrs, how old are they? They are sure young looking.

  2. Hi, Lisa! They are pretty young looking, aren't they? The Lord's definitely blessed them. For instance, when people hear how old Nanny is they simply don't believe it, because of the way she looks and how she's able to get around. :) The Lord's been very merciful!

    To answer your question, Nanny just turned 88 June 4th and Papa is 90; they married when they were 17 and 19 respectively, and will celebrate their 71st wedding anniversary this September. :)

  3. Such nice photos! Thanks for sharing these glimpses of your vacation with us!! My favorite photo is the last one!!! It describes a good visit to Grandma's house so well. Your vacations look a lot like our family vacations...reminds me of all the great memories I have of just "hangin'-out" with Grandma.
    Blessings to you!!


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