Friday, October 8, 2010

A Time for Discussion

Today is our scheduled day for the next article in the stay-at-home daughterhood article series. I am going to do something a little different this Friday, though! I have been unable to work on an article the past two weeks due to working on a large tea cozy order from a lady opening up a tea room in California, working around the home doing tasks for Mama while she was sick, etc. So, instead of an article, I want to hear from you! :) So, here's what we're going to do. Leave a comment on one or all of the topics listed below. Looking forward to hearing from you; by God's grace, this will be a great discussion!

  • What have you learned so far during your reading of the articles in the stay-at-home daughterhood series?
  • What blessings have you received from being a stay-at-home daughter?
  • As a married woman who was a stay-at-home daughter, how did remaining at home until marriage prepare you for your life now as a married woman?
  • How did you come to embrace stay-at-home daughterhood?
  • Perhaps you do not agree with my stance on stay-at-home daughterhood. If not, why not and upon what do you base your beliefs?
  • Do you have any questions or concerns about stay-at-home daughterhood?
  • What are some myths regarding stay-at-home daughterhood that you would like to refute?
  • What other issue regarding stay-at-home daughterhood would you like to discuss?
Looking forward to your input! Have a blessed weekend, everyone!


  1. Hi Bekah,

    I'm wondering if you think it's possible for a woman to be genuinely called by the Lord to go to college. Looking forward to reading your reply! I hope you have a wonderful day!

    Blessings -


  2. Some blessings of being a stay-at-home daughter are:

    *increased safety, security & protection
    *daily conversations on topics of meaning, relevance & importance
    *being able to save the family time, money & effort by doing chores, gardening, budgeting
    *creating family unity as possible on a daily basis
    *receiving input & advice in personal matters such as friendships & preparing for marriage
    *being a gentle influence or a listening ear
    *not having to pay rent; being able to save more
    *being able to have input & advice from older, wiser, trustworthy adults
    *saving money by not owning a car
    *being able to clean, decorate, and care for the house, knowing that it isn't just an apartment that you will move out of someday
    *celebrating holidays with family
    *lower stress level because of certainty and security of situation
    *enjoying each others' company & doing little fun things together, such as taking walks or just enjoying a vase of flowers on the table

    I came to embrace stay-at-home daughterhood after living alone while going to graduate school. I came to appreciate the safety and support that living with family can provide. I also came to realize that keeping a home is simply more important to me than anything else and provides the meaning and foundation for all other pursuits-- academic and otherwise.

    Fortunately, my family has allowed me to stay at home. We went through a very difficult time during which it did not seem that it would be possible for me to live at home, and yet we have come through that, and circumstances have allowed me to remain here.

    I am so glad!


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