Tuesday, April 26, 2011

More Tea Cozy Giveaways!

Hello, dear readers! I hope all of you had a most blessed Easter, and had a lovely time rejoicing with your families and friends the resurrection of our Savior!

I wanted to drop y'all a line to let you know about two tea cozy giveaways going on right now! The first, over on the awesome site, Raising Homemakers, ends this evening at midnight, so be sure to hurry on over there now to enter! The second giveaway is over at the wonderful site, Generation Cedar, and ends this Wednesday, the 27th!

 Happy Giveaway Entering! ;)


  1. Give-aways sound lovely... can non-Americans participate?

    I like your tea cozies. How effective are they at keeping a pot of tea warm? How long does it take you to make one?

    Blessings from a fellow tea-lover (just blogged about it, actually!),

    This Good Life

  2. Hi! :) Please forgive my lack of response....we have been without power due to all the storms that went through Wednesday.

    Yes, non-Americans are more than welcome to participate!

    Thank you, I'm glad you like them! :) I appreciate that. They are very effective at keeping a pot of tea nice and hot for several hours. I use them myself when I have tea parties with my friends, and I have also gotten great feedback from customers as to how well they keep tea warm. The polyester batting I use is insul-bright, which is specifically made to be used in crafts such as oven mitts, tea cozies, etc. I can make one of the 6-8 cup tea cozies in a little over half an hour from start to finish.

    Hope that helps! :) Thank you so much for your kind words, and for blogging about the giveaway!



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