Thursday, March 13, 2008

Announcing: New Blog Schedule!

Hello, ladies! I promised you yesterday that I would post a blog announcement today. Well, here it is! :) I have written up a new blog schedule, that will be in effect as of Monday, March 17th, 2008. This schedule, which reveals what types of posts will appear on which days, goes as follows:

Mondays- Devotional, "Meal Mondays" recipe

Tuesdays- Daily Bible Verse, posts on daily life(i.e. pictures and stories of my home life, etc.)

Wednesdays- Devotional, Essays in response to questions received, posts on recommended links, books, movies, etc.

Thursdays- Daily Bible Verse, Articles on Biblical daughterhood, Tips on homemaking, etc.(less controversial issues)

Fridays- Devotional, Articles on hot button, controversial topics such as feminism, Biblical femininity, Biblical daughterhood, and Biblical womanhood, education, etc. (on occasional Fridays, the above mentioned type of article will not be posted. In its place will appear excerpts from books, quotes, a blog announcement, etc.)

Saturdays- Daily Bible Verse

Sundays- No posts published (this would be a great opportunity for you to go back and read older posts, that you may have missed!)

The sorts of posts I mentioned will not all be posted on the mentioned days every single week. In other words, on some Thursdays, for instance, nothing but a daily Bible verse will be posted. But if there's a homemaking tip I want to share, then it will appear on my blog on a Thursday. Does what I'm saying make sense? Am I explaining this well? :)

There will be days when I publish types of posts that weren't specifically mentioned in this schedule, but for the most part, this schedule will be adhered to.

As you can see, there's not really a day that you'll want to miss out on accessing this blog! Important, edifying, encouraging, life-changing posts will be published every day.

It is my prayer that through this new schedule, By His Grace and For His Glory will be able to meet its full potential, and will be able to glorify the Lord all the more.

Now, I have a request to make! :) It's my desire that the message of this blog reach far out into the world, encouraging, strengthening, and edifying as many people as possible. I want to ask you to please help me in this mission by spreading the word about this blog! Tell your friends, family, and fellow church members about it, make a post about it on your blog, link to it on your site, etc. I want to issue forth a huge and very grateful thank you in advance for doing this for me, that the Word of the Lord might be spread!! :) May the Lord richly bless you, my dear and treasured readers!

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