Thursday, January 22, 2009

Help needed! :)

I was having some trouble with my new background. The link box that came(from the cutest blog on the block) with it and sends you to the website where I got my background was showing up right where my post titles are, causing you all to not be able to read the full titles and/or contents. Does anyone have any idea how I can move it?? I have since deleted the new backgound I had put up, because it was blocking portions of my posts.

Thank you for your help!!!!


  1. Maybe try putting the link in a box at the bottom of the page??? I'm not very computer savvy=( Sorry!!

  2. Try putting the link on your sidebar That's how I did mine.

  3. Did you have your background set as Minima?

  4. Hi Rebekah, this is Monika! I gave in and used my old Google identity. It's just easier, even though I don't feel like blogging from it right now.

    I just wanted to say it is good to hear from you and to hear that your wrist is healing!

    How is everyone at the church? I ran into the Pattersons some time ago and Andrew told me some good news I couldn't believe about Chelsea's family. But that's about all I have heard.

    I hope you and your mother only continue to feel better! <3


  5. I'm sorry, I meant to post that last comment to the post before this one, the big update one. I hope you get your formatting all figured out.


  6. You have to set your blogger template to that and then under 'layout' click add gadget...add HTML/Java script and paste your Cutest blog on the block code. You also might like


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