Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Graduation Chorale 2010!

As most of you know, I became a homeschool graduate on May 22nd of this year. :) We are very blessed to live in an area where homeschooling is very common, several homeschooling families are in our area, and our local homeschool group is fantastic! Because of this, I had the opportunity to enjoy being a part of a wonderful graduation ceremony, as part of our homeschool group's Class of 2010. A first this year was that a group of seniors got together and, for the first time, performed as a chorale at the commencement exercises. I, and several of my friends, enjoyed this so much; it really reminded me of the days when I was in children's choir! We performed two songs, the delightful hymn "For the Beauty of the Earth (a personal favorite!) and a spiritual entitled "Keep Your Lamps". It was a great experience! We were blessed with a very talented choir director and greatly enjoyed our weekly practices leading up to graduation!

The above clip was taken by my grandmother during the ceremony. It's only a portion of "For the Beauty of the Earth", but I hope you enjoy it!

In case you want to know, I'm in the middle row on the far left. :)

And, I'm sorry that the sound quality isn't that great during some portions of the video. I hope you enjoy it anyway! :)


  1. Oh no! I can't make the video work. :(

    I had the same opportunity to be involved in a home-school chorus my junior and senior years, and several of us were able to go on to Alabama Honor Choir and All-State Choir too! It was an incredible experience.

  2. that is my favorite rendition of "For the Beauty". I like the traditional melody, but I think this one is better. Funny enough I sang it for the first time at music camp where we also did "keep Your Lamps". They must just go together. :)

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  4. Hello! I love the choral work. Amazingly, I haven't heard of either of those songs :o . I'll have to look them up :).

    I've put your site under the "Sites to Visit" section of my blog. I had it on my old one, but now I've updated :) .



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