Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Beautiful poem entitled "Dear God"

This is a beautiful poem that my dear friend from church, Hannah Morse (www.psalm127sisters.blogspot.com), wrote not long ago. She is very talented!! I hope you enjoy it:

Dear God, I'm blind and I can't see,
Please change my heart and work in me.
Dear God, I'm deaf and I can't hear,
Please take this silence out of my ear.
Dear God, I'm weak, please make me strong,
Allow me to worship You all day long.
Dear God, thank You for your love and help,
And now in you I find my wealth!!!!


  1. Bekah, Hey! I love your blog! It is really neat! I love the title and the intro! Oh, and thanks for posting my poem on it!
    If it's okay with you, could I link your blog to mine? And also, if you wanted to link your favorite blogs to yours I would be happy to show you how! I would also be happy to show you how to post pics.(As you requested on my blog)

    In Christ,

  2. Hey, Hannah!! Thank you so much for commenting!!! :) You are my first commenter. Thank you so very much for the compliments! I'm so gald you like it!! :) My mom helped me to edit the other post that I have (the welcome to my blog post) so please go take a look at it also. I hope you enjoy!

    That would be great if you would link mine to yours! Thanks!! And thank you so much for your offered help! I have no knowledge regarding blogs, and was wondering how someone posts links and pics on their blogs. That would be awesome if you could help me! Thanks so much-I really appreciate it! Please have your mom take a look at my blog also, and let me know what she thinks. And be checking back often, as I will (especially today and tomorrow) be in the process of listing many new posts.

    You're a great friend!!

    In Christ,

  3. Rebekah, you blog looks GREAT! It was very encouraging when I read it! I am very excited for you also! Can't wait to get the website up and running! How does this next week look for you? Because my Dad will be home on Thursday, and i don't think i will have a chance to do it this week. So maybe we can get together next week....I WILL let you know on Sunday! =) See ya soon!

    All for His glory,


  4. Ali!! :) Thanks for commenting! I am so excited about everything going on! This blog and the website etc.!! It's amazing, that's for sure! I'm so glad you like the blog! See you tomorrow!! =)

  5. Hannah and Rebekah,
    I don't know if you will notice this when the post is so old, but you just reminded me of two poems that I love. The first is out of the Trinity hymnal(this is only some of it) -

    "Lord, I was blind: I could not see
    In thy marred visage any grace;
    But now the beauty of thy face
    In radiant vision dawns on me.

    Lord, I was deaf: I could not hear
    The thrilling music of thy voice
    But now I hear thee and rejoice,
    And all thine uttered words are dear.

    Lord, I was dead: I could not stir
    My lifeless soul to come to thee;
    But now, since thou hast quickened me,
    I rise from sin's dark sepulcher."

    -William T. Mason

    The second is from one of my favorite poems ever -

    "Thou are my life, if thou but turn away,
    My life's a thousand deaths, thou are my way,
    Without thee, Lord, I travel not but stray.

    My light thou art, without thy glorious sight,
    My eyes are darkened with perpetual night,
    My God, thou art my way, my life, my light.

    Thou are my way, I wander if thou fly,
    Thou art my light, if hid, how blind am I!
    Thou art my life, if thou withdraw I die.

    Disclose thy sunbeams, close thy wings and stay,
    See, see how I am blind and dead and stray,
    Oh, thou that art my life, my light, my way! "

    -Franis Quarles

    read the whole poem here. http://www.luminarium.org/sevenlit/quarles/job1324.htm

    We are so helpless without Him, aren't we?

  6. Sorry, the poet's name is /Francis/ Quarles. :P typoes ...


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