Friday, August 31, 2007

My First Pics!! :)

Finally, thanks to Ali, I now know how to post pictures!! :) It is actually much easier than I thought! Yay! :) I chose to do pictures of my pets as my first pics. I have a cat and a dog, both inside animals. These pics are of my cat Piper-named after one of my Dad's favorite authors, John Piper. :) Piper is nothing short of hilarious at times, and these pictures capture that. I hope you enjoy them! I simply couldn't resist taking this picture! When I saw him lying there propping himself up like that, I thought it was hilarious!! He's quite a ham, isn't he?
This is his favorite way to sleep......I'm sure you can't tell that, by the contented look on his face! ;)
He was very curious about the camera!! I think he kinda liked having his picture taken, though! :)

I hope you enjoyed the pics! There will be more to soon follow!


  1. How adorable! ;) As you saw on our blog, I absolutely LOVE kittens and cats of all kinds! (except for the hairless kind! Gross!) haha!
    Piper sort-of looks like Snapper-Doodle, or, as I put on our blog, Snap! ;)

    In Christ,


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