Friday, November 2, 2007

Vision Forum Giveaway!!!

Kim is offering an amazing Vision Forum giveaway on her Life in a Shoe blog. It ends tonight!! Here is our wishlist:

  • The Return of the Daughters
  • Poems for Patriarchs
  • Providential Battles
  • George Washington's Sacred Fire
  • Coming in on a Wing and a Prayer
  • Family Driven Faith
  • A Church in the Home
  • Balancing the Sword-Vol. 1 and 2


  1. Geneva and I just posted one too!!
    Oh, and I hope you got my e-mail!! It was just a reminder to link Vision Forum in your post too! ;)
    ~In Christ,

  2. Hey, Hannah!! Thanks so much for e-mailing me. Actually, I don't think her blog said that we had to necessarily link to VF. I will check,though, because I very possibly may have missed something!! :) Thanks so much for letting me know.

    Blessings,dear sister!

  3. Bekah,
    Well, we seem to be helping each other out a lot tonight!
    I tried to click on your link to the post on Life in a shoe, and it said that it was an error. I had to go back and fix mine too, but the problem is that when you cut and paste the post address, you still had and extra http. on there.
    I hope that helps!!

    Good luck! (oops! I forgot that there's no such thing as chance or luck, but everything is controlled by the providence of God!!) :)

  4. I recently bought "George Washington's Sacred Fire" and I own "The Return of the Daughters" too!
    The Return of the Daughters", of course, is fantastic. I've only read the first chapter of "Sacred Fire", but it appears to be extremely good, just long! :)

  5. That appears to be the case, Hannah!! :) Thanks for letting me know-I had no idea!

    When will I ever remember to stop saying good luck!? lol So true!!!

    Hi, Allison!!! I can't wait to get both of those! I hope to get The Return of the Daughters for Christmas. I can't wait to see it!!! I also can't wait to sometime soon get that book!


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