Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The Return of Question and Answer Week

A few months ago, I came up with the idea to host Question and Answer Week, where my dear readers could contact me and ask me any question(s) they wanted-on anything from my favorite food, to what I think regarding different aspects of Biblical womanhood, Biblical daughterhood and Biblical femininity, to inquiries as to homemaking tips, advice on being a faithful daughter and sibling, etc. etc. I was amazed by the huge response and outpouring of inquiries, and was so thrilled to answer each and every one of the great questions I received. It is for this reason that I'm please to announce:

The Return of Question and Answer Week!

Please e-mail me(or leave me a comment) with any questions you may have. I will answer them in interview style, and will post the questions and answers here on my blog.

So, now without further ado, start the questions coming!! :)


  1. Dear Rebekah,

    Awhile back I did a tag on my blog and I am going to ask you the same questions.

    1&2. List your two favorite attributes of God and why.

    3&4. List your two favorite Bible stories and why.

    5. List your favorite character in the Bible(besides Jesus) and why.

    6. List a verse that you have found to be encouraging to you.

    7. List your favorite book that deals with spiritual things(it can be fiction)

    8. List your favorite Christian blog.


  2. As you may know many christian families are against romance novels for their children because they might get children thinking about marriage and romance to soon. However, tell me what's the difference between a romance novel and a Disney movie? Disney movies promote romance and marriage so does that mean that we're no longer allowed to let children watch classic Disney movies?

  3. I would also like to read your answer to the Disney question. My children are very interested in the classics like Sleeping Beauty right now and I'm concerned with the messages they're receiving from these movies.

    Also, what is your position on women attending college? What types of colleges should they attend? Should they live in dorms? What should they major in?

    Finally, in your opinion, what is the youngest that men and women should marry?

    - Angela

  4. I would like to know what your thoughts are on head coverings for women?

  5. 1)I would like to know what your views are on women working outside the home? Do you think it is a sin?

    If your answer is it is not, it is something between the Lord and the individual, I have no more questions.

    On the other hand, if your answer is yes, do you on principle refuse to go to female doctors, nurses, grocery store checkout ladies, bank tellers, and the 1000 different arenas women are working in today's world?

  6. Hi, Rebekah. Let me try this again. Btw, I hope you will tell a little about how the old church plant is doing. Here goes-

    I wanted to ask again about what I did before - about that passage in So Much More at the top of page 35. Does this passage, in your opinion, mean that fathers have the right to command their daughters to marry someone, even if the daughter does not love the man? Because directly after they say fathers have the authority to lead their daughters in things regarding marriage, they say that a father only does not have the right to make his daughter sin. So the implication must be that the daughter must obey anything that is not sin. I am wondering, now that they have said that, what would classify as sin for them? Would the act of marrying a man you did not love be sin or not? I would much like to know your perspective on this.


  7. I must add one more thing, to make sure my question is clear - I do believe the Botkins would say it would be wrong for a father to force his daughter to marry someone she did not love. From what I understand after reading their book, they are saying fathers should lead their daughters with concern for them and have their best interests at heart. What I want to know is, if a father does try to force his daughter to marry someone, regardlesss of whether this action on his part is wrong, would the Botkins still say she must submit to it? The passage I noted does seem to me to say that she must.


  8. Hi, Rebekah, I just wanted to ask, you will get to all the questions eventually, won't you? Including mine above? I'm in no hurry, I just wanted to know if you would get to me. I asked you a few months ago about this same thing and I don't think you had time to answer, so I'm just reminding you. :)


  9. Hi, Rebekah. I want to ask if you are going to answer my question as well?

  10. Ladies,

    I assure you that every single question will be gotten to as soon as possible! :)


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