Tuesday, April 21, 2009

How did you find me?

Dearest readers,

It truly blesses me to know that you're reading my posts and following my blog! I would love to get to know each and every one of you!

Please introduce yourself and share with me how you came across By His Grace and For His Glory. Give me some feedback about this site, as well. This would be most helpful, as I'm always here to serve you!

So, who are you and how did you find this blog ministry?


  1. Hello, my name is also Rebekah. I am 12 years old and am the third child of a homeschooling, Torah observant, family of 9.

    I don't know how I found your blog. Probably a blog search for my name or through other blogging maidens. I really enjoy your blog, and I would like to learn more about you and your family. Maybe you could do a post on each of them?

    In Him,


  2. Hello! This is Lauren Ann and I found you through the new blog, Meditations of his love. I am a 13 year old, from a family of 9. I look forward to getting to know you more!

  3. Hi, Rebekah,

    I found you by doing the Young Maiden's Daybook. I am a homeschooler, too, and I will be 13 in a couple months. I look forward to getting to know you better.

    By the way, I have tagged you on my blog, if you would like to do it.


  4. Hello! My name is Erica. I will be turning 16 in a couple of months. I found your blog address through one of my mother's email lists, I believe. I particularly enjoy reading/discussing controversial subjects. They help me to think about important things and help me to find/define where I stand on certain points. I've looked through your blog archive and found a lot of good articles. I hope to see more soon!

  5. Hi,
    I'm Marissa and I'm 15.
    I found your blog through the blog, "Meditations of his love"
    You have a lovely blog!
    Would you mind if I followed you?

    In christ,

  6. Hello, all! How wonderful it's been to hear from you and get to know you! :) For those who haven't commented yet: please do so! I would love to get to know you and find out how you came across my blog!


    I'd be honored for you to follow my blog! :)

    It's now time for dinner, but I'll return later to respond to you dear ladies in full!

    Have a blessed evening in the Lord,

  7. Dear Rebekah,

    My name is Lulu and I am 14. The story of how I found you is interesting. I was looking at Crystal Paine's blog Biblical Womanhood. I saw I comment that you posted and noticed that you called her Mrs. Paine. So I thought, "Hmm, she must be around my age. I think I will go look at her blog." And I looked at it and I liked it! So I have kept reading and posted some comments. Your blog is a great encouragement to me. Thank you for taking the time to write on it.

    Thank you for the comment on my blog. As far I can tell you had never been to my blog before. And I know you had never left a comment on it. Thank you! That must be wonderful to have great-grandparents.


  8. My name is Jacqueline and I'm a 23 year old from Toronto. I'm in graduate school and an atheist. I am intrigued by blogs about lives very different from my own, and consider myself a respectful reader. I cannot remember how I came across your blog.

  9. I'm Erin, a 19 yr old student from Michigan.I'm a practicing Catholic, and although I love most of what my religion teaches, I don't think that the Bible is meant to be translated literally. I attend a state university, I've been living in the dorms and loving it! I consider myself politically conservative, especially economically, but not on all issues. For example, I'm very pro-life, but I'm also a big supporter of gay rights. I really enjoy reading your blog, because I'm pretty fascinated by the very conservative Christian movement.

  10. Dear Rebekah;

    You have a lovely blog and I visit it whenever I can, even though I dont comment very much. I remember a couple of emails passing between us but its been a very long time since I last visited your blog and that was all due to my very busy life and also my son's hospitalization with Kawasaki Syndrome, which was a devastating experience for me. I wish you and your Dear family the best and the guiding hand of the Lord set as your torch for the ultimate Truth.


  11. Rebekah,
    My name is Luci and I am 22 and engaged to be married! I found your blog from a link on Anna's website (Domestic Felicity) and it's been a real joy to read. I may not always agree with what you write, but you're a very bright young woman who expresses herself very well. I've found your writings very thoughtful and interesting. Wishing you all the best - Luci.

  12. Dearest Rebekah,

    I have following your blog as often as I can ever since it's been opened! I remember when you were planning it all out, sharing your thought and dreams for it and all that see it. For all of you that don't know, Bekah is a spectacular friend and confidante. She is always there when you need to talk or just need to have someone listen. She is always very encouraging and always always always letting the love of Christ show through her thought and actions. How I do love you and thank God for you Meg!

    Yours devotedly, Haleigh Poe

  13. Dear Miss Rebekah Ann S.,

    My name is Alyssa and I am 15 years old. I saw your blog name on Feelin' Feminine and really loved it so I clicked on the link and came here. I don't normally do that :).

    I like your blog! Would you like to be friends?

    Your sister in Christ,

  14. Rebekah,
    Oh, I'm sorry I didn't see this post until now! My name is Hannah, and I'll be sixteen next Monday. I've had your blog on my home page for several years, so I don't remember where I found you from! But I was really hungry and searching for online "friends" and likeminded people, so I spent hours finding and reading Modesty/Femininity/Stay-At-Home daughters blogs. Anyways, I really appreciate your writing here, and I am always happy to see a new post.

    God bless,

  15. Oh, I'm sorry for posting twice, but I forgot to say that I'm homeschooled and the oldest of seven children. I have six younger brothers. *Grin*



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