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Upcoming Articles in the Stay-at-home Daughterhood Article Series

While the stay-at-home daughterhood article series is already comprised of 14 articles, many more are currently in the works and will be posted in the near future, at the rate of, Lord willing, one per week. It is my desire in this current post to share with you what you can expect to see addressed in this series in the near future. My hope is that you will continue to read and ponder the previous articles, diligently search and study the Holy Scriptures, and pray that the Lord would open your eyes to the glories of His truths. What follows is a tentative listing of the future articles in the stay-at-home daughterhood article series, provided here for you that you might prepare for the reading thereof through Bible study and prayer.

Lord willing, a new article will be posted on each subsequent Friday beginning April 23. The topics that will soon be covered include the following:

“What’s the Big Deal?: Presenting the Crucial Importance of Stay-at-home Daughterhood to the Kingdom of God”

This article, which will be posted in 2, perhaps 3, parts, will delve into the issue of why stay-at-home daughterhood should even be pondered so deeply or discussed at such length in our day. For many, stay-at-home daughterhood is viewed as an archaic, out of date concept which is of no importance or relevance to us today. Nothing, however, could be further from the truth. Stay-at-home daughterhood is of just as much importance and relevance now as it was in the days in which it was written of in the Holy Scriptures. In some ways, it is of even more importance today, in an age in which feminism has so thoroughly and pervasively influenced each and every aspect of society, the most evident of which may perhaps be the home and family. In this article, I will work to reveal just why it is so important to ponder the implications of stay-at-home daughterhood and to work to carefully and diligently put its principles into practice. This portion of the article series may be very eye-opening!

“Feminist Fury: Why Feminism Despises Stay-at-home Daughterhood and How it is Attempting to Destroy It"

The concept of stay-at-home daughterhood is not only a sorely misunderstood one today, but is one which is severely hated and disdained. The question is, “Why?” Why is stay-at-home daughterhood so actively and staunchly hated by feminists of all backgrounds and belief systems? Feminists want you to believe that their rejection of stay-at-home daughterhood is due to their being afraid that such a lifestyle would enslave young women, keeping them from realizing and reaching their full potential, barring them from the opportunity to be highly educated, preventing them from having a positive impact on the world, and exposing them to abuse and perpetual childhood. However, when one studies the true history of the feminist movement, what is uncovered is that these are not the actual reasons for the feminist rejection of stay-at-home daughterhood. They are simply the reasons which feminists would have us to believe, so as to prevent us from fully understanding the roots of their disdain for Biblical daughterhood. In this article, which may very well be posted in numerous parts, you will be exposed to the true history and background of feminism and will come to understand just why it is that feminism not only dislikes stay-at-home daughterhood, but thoroughly and ruthlessly hates it. What you learn may surprise you!

“Industry and Commerce: Studying the Issue of Work and Whether or Not a Stay-at-home Daughter Should be Involved in Such Endeavors”

Does this title catch your interest? It should! This article, which, like others, will likely be posted in several installments, will cover such topics as:

• What is work? What is its Biblical definition?

• Is it Biblical for stay-at-home daughters to work? If so, what kind of work should they do?

• Biblically speaking, is it lawful for a stay-at-home daughter to work outside the home?

• Is a father required by God to provide financially for his adult daughters?

• How can a daughter, in a Biblical fashion, contribute to the economy and financial well-being of her family?

• What is a home business? Did women in the Bible own home businesses? How does a daughter go about beginning a home business? What are some practical options for the daughter who desires to begin a home business?

I hope that this will serve as a very helpful and practical article and that it will answer many of today’s common questions regarding the life of the Biblical stay-at-home daughter.

“What About College and Higher Education?”

A common misconception is that stay-at-home daughters, by being dedicated to remaining at home with their parents until marriage, are prevented from acquiring an extensive, in-depth education. Nothing could be further from the truth. In this article, I will seek to expose the lies of our culture which say that in order to be successful and productive, one must go to college. I will also work to reveal the many reasons why it is not only unwise for a young woman to be sent to college, but that in so doing, a daughter is actually hindered from acquiring a truly high education. I will also point out examples from history of women who never set foot on a college campus but are, still to this day, widely known for being erudite and for possessing a lofty intellect and knowledge. We will study the topic of where true knowledge comes from, and will also discover the ways in which colleges and universities-including many leading Christian ones!-are being overrun by humanists (as well as the religion of Islam!) who are diligently seeking to indoctrinate students in the lies of humanism. The topic of why college campuses are so dangerous will also be covered. Do not miss this article, as it is crucially important, for a young woman’s education is crucially important. While Christians commonly fail to understand this, humanists grasp the truth well-our educations will either prepare us to serve others and further Christ’s Kingdom, or else will furnish us for the task of furthering the Adversary’s plans and schemes.

“What About Ministry?”

There are those who hold to the belief that if a daughter remains at home until marriage, she will be unable to further the Kingdom of God through Christian ministry to lost and hurting souls. This is an entirely false idea. This article will cover such issues as the following:

• What about overseas ministry?

• What if an unmarried daughter feels called to leave home in order to minister in a foreign country or different state?

• How do the Scriptures present the topic of ministry? Through what spheres did God ordain ministry to take place?

• Who is called to Christian ministry?

• What ministry options are open to the Biblically-minded stay-at-home daughter?

This will undoubtedly be a rather controversial article, but one must not shrink away from the controversial when God’s Word and the furthering of His Kingdom are what is at stake.

“What is a Stay-at-home Daughter to Do?”

Common is the view that stay-at-home daughters are chained to the home and lead lives of little use or productive importance. The belief is that such daughters are either couch potatoes or that they are having little positive impact on the world through their homemaking, cooking, and sewing. Both notions are false. In this article, which will be comprised of several parts, we will discuss what a Biblical stay-at-home daughter’s life is to look like. Now, the lives of all stay-at-home daughters are not going to look the same, nor should they. Stay-at-home daughterhood is not about faithfully filling some cookie cutter shape. Rather, it is about taking the principles of God’s Word and putting them into practice in one’s day-to-day life. Topics covered will be the importance of developing close relationships with siblings, serving the church, strengthening the household, serving and honoring parents, learning and putting into practice various homemaking skills, reaching out to the community, and more. As you will undoubtedly see, the stay-at-home daughter who lives her life according to the Bible and the priorities it places upon her, will not only live a full, fulfilling life at home, but will also be highly productive and happy. We will be joined in this article study by my dear mother, who will, via interview, speak on what she has learned regarding the importance of learning homemaking skills and preparing for a life of being a wife, mother, and homemaker from an early age. We will also likely be joined by my father, as well, in an interview on the topic of how a daughter can help, encourage, strengthen, and serve her father and his household.

“Stay-at-home Daughterhood Exaggerated”

Perhaps the most common reason why stay-at-home daughterhood is so hated in our day, is that there is a popular misconception abounding which says that stay-at-home daughters are retarded in their growth into adulthood by remaining at home. The belief is that they are somehow forced into a life of meaningless, perpetual childhood. While this may be true in some families, it is not the truth for the majority of stay-at-home daughters in the West and is by no means faithful to Biblical family dynamics. In this article, I will address the problem of exaggerating the doctrine of stay-at-home daughterhood into something it was never meant by God to be. I will also state that we must refrain from basing our beliefs, on the topic of Biblical daughterhood, upon the sinful practices of others.

“Representing Stay-at-home Daughterhood Well”

In our day, a faithful and Biblical stay-at-home daughter is a pioneer in every sense of the word. She is blazing a trail back to the “old paths, where is the good way” (Jere. 6:16). Though we live in an age when many stay-at-home daughters experience disdain and ridicule from family and friends who disagree with their lifestyle, this is not a mere discouraging and frustrating time to live. No, far from it! For the Biblically-minded, visionary stay-at-home daughter, this is a most exciting time to live! We, as 21st century stay-at-home daughters, have the unique opportunity to lead the Church, by example and through faithfulness to God, back to His life-changing Word. The intent of this article is to be an encouragement to stay-at-home daughters and to provide for them a vision of the exciting opportunities open to them to be a dominion-minded, fruitful pioneer. This article will also address ways in which a stay-at-home daughter can Biblically represent the doctrine and practice of stay-at-home daughterhood well. Common failures committed by daughters which cause others to disdain the practice of stay-at-home daughterhood will also be addressed.

“Dealing with Difficulties: Living Biblically in an UnBiblical World”

In some ways, this may prove to be one of the most helpful articles of this entire series. Undoubtedly, there are many daughters out there who come from less than perfect family situations who are frustrated and discouraged because they want to fulfill the stay-at-home daughterhood model found in the Bible but think such to be impossible given the way in which their family currently operates. While I by no means have all the answers, it is my desire to, by God’s grace, be of help to daughters who may find themselves in hard times and discouraging circumstances. Difficulties addressed in this article, which will consist of several parts, include the following:

• “I know that, Biblically speaking, my father has the responsibility to lead, protect, and provide for me until he gives me in marriage. However, my father does not understand this, and desires to release me to be on my own once I turn 18. What hope do I have? What should I do?”

• “As a young woman of God, I know that my calling is to serve my father’s household, to actively work at home, and to be a true polished cornerstone there. My father desires for me to work outside the home, though. What should I do?”

• “My father wants me to have the experience of going to college, but the thought scares me. I prefer to further my education at home. I want to honor my father, but I also want to be faithful to what I believe the Lord wants me to do. What should I do in this situation?”

• “My father wants me to remain at home until marriage, but I don’t want to! What should I do?”

• And much more!

Again, I do not have all the answers, nor do I pretend to. However, I do believe that there are certain Biblical principles by which daughters in difficult situations can, through following them, have joy and, by God’s grace, live in a Biblical manner. I pray that this article will bring much joy, encouragement, and vision to young women, and that through it, they may gain the ability to faithfully persevere.


Once the various articles themselves have been posted, an assortment of interviews will follow. I believe that these will be a great blessing to you, and will serve to encourage you to faithfully follow in the ways of God. Interviews will be conducted with various young women such as Miss Jocelyn Dixon from the “A Pondering Heart” blog and Feelin’ Feminine, Miss Jasmine Baucham of “Joyfully at Home”, sisters Breezy and Emily Rose Brookshire, and sisters Claudia and Blair Brown.


The stay-at-home daughterhood article series will culminate in an assortment of giveaways of Biblical books, CDs, and DVDs, all on the topic of Biblical daughterhood. You won’t want to miss these opportunities to acquire various encouraging, edifying resources!

In Conclusion

As you can see, the stay-at-home daughterhood article series is far from complete! Beginning Friday, April 23, a new article in the series will, Lord willing, be posted each Friday. Please spread the word about this series and pray that the Lord would open your eyes to the truths of His Word.

God bless you!


  1. This was a long post, but very thought provoking. I'm one of your followers and invite you to check out my blog as well.

  2. This is just so ridicules that I have no

    Basically, you're saying the little woman should be uneducated and dependent on either her father or her husband for life....hundreds of years of progress flushed down the drain.

    And no, you don't have to identify as "A Feminist" to believe that women should become educated.


    People with sentiments like yours are the reason why Christians are widely, and accurately, perceived to be roughly a century behind the social progress of the rest of the world.

  3. Anonymous,

    Thank you for taking the time to comment on this post. I appreciate your input. Unfortunately, though, your statements prove that you have not read very much of my blog before commenting. If you had, you would know how strongly I feel that women should be very highly educated. There are numerous other things I would like to point out, and for that reason I am going to turn my response into an entirely separate article which I will be posting within the next week or so. In case you miss it the day it's posted, I'll leave a link here once it's up.

    Thank you again.


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