Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Handcrafted Tea Cozies by Co-z-t Treasures Available Now!

Dress your teapot in style while keeping your tea, cider or coffee nice and hot with a delightful tea cozy by CO-Z-T TREASURES! Each cozy fits a 6-8 cup teapot and is handcrafted of cotton fabrics, polyester batting for insulation and coordinating ribbon that provides a look that is sure to be the perfect addition to your table for any occasion:

* Baby Showers
* Bridal Showers
* Wedding Receptions
* Anniversary Parties
* Birthday Parties
* Girl's Tea Parties
* Christmas Parties
* Victorian High Tea Parties

Each cozy is a wrap-around style with an elasticized bottom for a secure fit. Both ends are tied with ribbon which makes it easy to slip on and off when changing to another cozy for a different occasion.

They also make great gifts (don't forget Mother's Day will be here soon) and add a decorative touch to your home!

Styles currently available:

Grape, coral and shades of green adorn the Fruit of the Vine tea cozy which is accented with matching coral ribbons. Rich, dark green fabric serves as the lining, completing the look!

"Lacey" feminine hearts and petite flowers grace the soft coral background of this delightful tea cozy! Bright white lining and grosgrain ribbon brings out the delicate white detailing of the fabric, while the red beads "tie in" with the red of the hearts and flowers, making the Feminine Hearts cozy truly darling!

The reversible English Rose tea cozy will add a feminine touch to your tea time! It features shades of dusty pink and rose as well as delicate green leaves accented with creamy satin ribbon. The reverse features "vines" of dusty pink on a cream background. Femininity at it's Finest!

The Under the Sea tea cozy has an aqua colored background covered with delicate blue, red, yellow, and white flowers. It is lined in matching aqua fabric, while white lacey satin ribbon adds the finishing touch!

The Victorian Rose Cozy features petite rose blooms with sage/olive green leaves on a creamy tan background. It is lined in a coordinating striped fabric and accented with tan grosbrain ribbon and matching beads that add the perfect touch! Just what you need for your next Victorian Tea!

The Vintage Floral Cozy will take you back in time with its soft shades, reminiscent of a water color painting! It is lined in a neutral fabric and accented with sparkly, transparent sage green ribbon! A time's-gone-by treasure!

The Tutti Fruitti Cozy is bright and cheery with flowers large and small of yellow, orange, lavendar, purple, pink and magenta with green leaves on a bright white background. It is lined in a coordinating striped fabric that really adds to the look, while "lacey" bright pink ribbons add the finishing touch. A fun addition to your next tea!

~Please note: the Tutti Fruitti tea cozy is currently out of stock!~


The Spring Garden Cozy features an array of roses with green leaves on a bright and cheery pink background. It is lined in white, trimmed with white grosgrain ribbon and accented with pretty green beads that really make it "pop"! It's sure to add "floral beauty to any occasion"!

The Pretty 'n Pink Cozy features delicate pink and magenta blooms with sage green leaves on a pastel pink background with matching pink lining and satin ribbon! The Perfect Addition to a Girl's Tea Party!

The Petite Blooms Cozy features delicate, tiny rose blooms with sage green leaves along with a few blue blooms scattered here and there, all on a cream background. It is lined with matching cream lining and accented with embossed creamy satin ribbon! Just Darling!

~Please note: The Petite Blooms tea cozy is currently out of stock!~

You can almost hear the waves crashing with the Ocean Breeze Cozy and its shades of sand and surf! It is lined in white fabric and accented with matching aqua satin ribbons along with white beads for the finishing touch. Bring the beauty of the beach to your table!

The Floral Elegance Cozy is crafted of rich taupe and creamy tan flowers on a grayish blue background, lined in cream fabric and accented with cream grosgrain ribbon and clear glass-like beads that add the perfect touch! It's pure class!

The Daisy Sunshine Cozy brings a light, warm, cheery touch to your table with its white daisies on a medium blue background. It is lined in a matching blue fabric and trimmed in white grosgrain ribbon. It's Sure to Keep Ya Smilin'!

This cozy features Precious Moments fabric and white grosgrain ribbon, with white and mint-colored beads to complete the look! A Precious Cozy for the Precious Little One!

The Pink Delight Cozy features an array of various flowers in white, lime green and shades of pink. It is lined in a striped fabric of lime green and both pastel and dark pink (which makes it perfectly reversible), trimmed with white grosgrain ribbon! It's 2 Cozies in 1!

The Cotton Candy Dots Cozy features a light pink background with slightly darker pink flowers and black polka-dot flowers! It is lined in black, trimmed with white grosgrain ribbon and features black beads to complete the look! It is sure to bring a smile to your face and a darling touch to your teapot!

The Cottage Rose Cozy has shades of sage green, rose and dusty pink on a creamy background, trimmed with coordinating sage green ribbon. Reminiscent of a 19th century English Cottage!

The Blooms on Blue tea cozy has red, white, yellow and blue flowers scattered across a background of sky blue. White grosgrain ribbon finishes the look and makes this cozy truly striking!

Click each photo to enlarge!

Each of the above cozies is available on Ebay for $17.95 each. However, to show my appreciation to my blog readers, I am offering these tea cozies at a special sale price of $15.95 each to the blog readers who place orders!

Shipping and Payment Information:

USPS Priority Shipping within the US is $5.00 for the first cozy and $1.00 per each additional cozy ordered. USPS First Class Mail is available on individual tea cozies for $3.00.

International buyers: Please e-mail me at living_for_my_Lords_glory@hotmail.com (no apostrophe in the word Lords-hotmail is picky! :)) for accurate shipping rates.

Payment by PayPal and money orders is accepted, and your tea cozy order will be shipped as soon as payment is received!

Ordering Information:

To order, e-mail me (before placing your order, however, please e-mail for availability!) at the address listed above, and include the name and quantity of each cozy you wish to purchase. Also include in your e-mail the payment method you want to use. Once your order is received, you will receive an e-mail with all the info you will need to make payment, and once your payment is received, an e-mail receipt will be sent to you.

Always remember that I'm here to serve you, so if you have any comments, questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to e-mail me. The pleasure of the customer is always my goal!

Please click here to read more about my home business Co-z-t Treasures! If you would please spread the word about this business, I would greatly appreciate it!!

More cozy styles coming soon!!

Special announcement: Prices have been revised!! :) Because my tea cozies are now available on Etsy and Ebay for $15.95 each, the special blog reader price is now lowered to: $14.95! So, for blog readers only, tea cozies by Co-z-t Treasures are now available for purchase for only $14.95 each! :)

Also, international shipping rates are now available! Shipping for a cozy sent internationally will cost $7 (with $2 per each additional cozy you purchase in the same order).


  1. Those Cozies are beautiful! I have seen a lot of patterns for knitted and crocheted tea-cozies, but I really like these.

    How neat that you are selling them, I hope you do well at it.

    Have a very bright, very cheerful day!
    Miss Eyebright

  2. Hi, Miss Eyebright! :) It was such a joy to hear from you!

    I really appreciate your kind words and warm wishes! They were a blessing to receive! :)

    I'm glad you like the cozies; I'm happy to hear it!! Thank you for the encouragement.

    Have a very blessed day in the Lord!

    In Christian love,

    Miss Rebekah Ann S.

  3. Also, if you could spread the word about my home business, I would greatly appreciate it! :)

  4. Dear Rebekah,

    This is a wonderful idea. They are very pretty. I was thinking if you want to promote them maybe you should ask other people to host contests for them.

    I think it is great that you want to have a home business. I think it really refutes the idea that stay at home daughters just sit at home and do nothing. I may form a home business when I become older but for now I will spend my time improving my sewing skills.


  5. Oh Rebekah, these are absolutly beautiful! :) You did a wonderful job, and I am very excited for you. I love the blues ones, but all of them are gorgeous. :)
    In Christ,

  6. I commend you on starting your own business. It is good to see others using their creativity to start their own businesses.

    One word of advice, as I am also a business owner, I do hope you have filed for a Tax ID number. Any business - whether it be from home or an office building - must be on record with the government for tax purposes. Your profits are taxable and must be filed as taxable income each tax season. It is against the law to have a business and to sell products without a Tax ID number. And it is against the law to not file any income, no matter how small or large and if it is a "home-based" business or not.

    Just a heads up so you are legitimately running your business. If you need assitance in going about obtaining a Tax ID number to legally operate your business, please stop by my website and leave me a comment letting me know. I will be more than happy to point you in the right direction to get all that set up. Not a hard process at all.

  7. Very nice tea cozies...I may order a couple for my daughter! :-) Blessings! -- Jim


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