Sunday, March 15, 2009

A Young Maiden's DayBook Entry #7!

Please join the fun by clicking here! :) Today is… Monday, March 16th, 2009

Outside my window... is a very cloudy sky! We've been having rain off and on so far this morning.

I am wearing.... my green nightgown with purple and blue flowers.

I am reading… many books at once, of course. ;) They include: Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austen, Beloved Bride: The Letters of Stonewall Jackson to His Wife by Bill Potter, Marriage to a Difficult Man: The Uncommon Union of Jonathan and Sarah Edwards by Elisabeth Dodds(I've actually taken a short break on these three books, as I've been so busy with school reading lately!), God and Government Vol. 3: The Restoration of the Republic by Gary DeMar, Don't Waste Your Life by John Piper, How to Be a Lady: Useful Hints on the Formation of Character by Harvey Newcomb(this book is from 1850!), Systematic Theology by Robert Duncan Culver(I'm studying this with Daddy),etc. Daddy is currently reading to us The Genesis Record by the late Dr. Henry Morris, founder of ICR(he reads this to us each night, and we are so often amazed by Mr. Morris' knowledge-and we've only read 2 chapters so far! :)), Spurgeon: A New Biography by Arnold Dallimore(he reads this to us on Tuesday nights; this is the book that the men and sons of our church are currently discussing at their Wednesday night meetings) and Scetches from Church History: An Illustrated Account of 20 Centuries of Christ's Power by S.M. Houghton(available through the Banner of Truth Trust). Daddy reads this to us on Saturday evenings, in preparation for the discussion on it during our Sunday meeting with the Church. We've only read 5 chapters of it so far, but are already blown away by the glory of Christ! As for what books I'm reading in the Bible: 2nd Corinthians, Psalms, Genesis and Proverbs(among other various individual passages).

I am creating… my blog's 2009 Mission Statement. The Lord has broadened my vision for this blog, so the writing of this mission statement has been expanded!

One of my favorite things….visiting my dear great-grandparents in the farm land portion of Indiana. :)

For education this week… government/history, theology, writing and literature, consumer math, Apologia chemistry, valuable homemaking and motherhood skills, growing in the grace and knowledge of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

A keeper at home skill I am using/learning...saving money and finding good deals at the grocery store! :)

A spiritual lesson I’m learning…life is not all about me! The Lord has gracious given me life so that I may serve Him. It's all about Him.

A godly character trait I plan to work on…diligence!! Whether this applies to when I'm cleaning the bathtub, doing schoolwork, or attempting to redeem my time wisely, I desperately need to learn diligence!

Scripture I am memorizing… This week Daddy is leading us in memorizing Matthew 18:20 and Hebrews 10:24-25 (KJVB).

I am praying for… Various family and church requests, prayer for God's guidance as to how this blog will be arranged and led this year, His guidance as to some writing projects that I feel He has laid on my heart-I pray that He would truly reveal His will to me.

For the rest of the week… I plan to be writing for this blog, Lord willing. I have school, will(Lord willing) be responding to the numerous blog comments and e-mails that I haven't been able to answer yet, will be busy caring for my family, deepening my relationship with the Lord, furthering my education, etc.

A picture I’d like to share… is this:

The two dear men in my life, my father George and brother Andrew.

Easter 2008


  1. Ahhh... Apologia Chemistry. How I miss it! I also took Apologia's Advanced Chemistry. I love taking Nuclear Chemistry and Physics
    books home from the library as well... do you enjoy chemistry? :)
    What a nice picture of your dad and brother!
    I admire all the time and prayer you seem to put into this blog... may the Lord bless you for it.
    Have a great week.

  2. Thanks for your comment on my post over at Feelin' Feminine. I love your book list - I tend to read lots of books at once, too!

    Miss Vanessa

  3. Haha, ah so still in your jamies, eh? lol :)

    A lovely photo.

  4. Love reading what you are doing during the day. And that picture of your father and Andrew is so precious! Wasn't it from last Easter? (can you believe it has been a YEAR since then?)

    Have a blessed day!!
    aka "Jo"

    Glad to know that I am not the only one who does their school in pjs. :) Love Ya!

  5. It was so wonderful to get to meet you at the Father & Daughter Retreat! You are so sweet, I do hope it is not too long before we meet again! Do let us know when you are in the area! :)

    Yes, we got to help make the tussie-mussies. It was enjoyable to do and we had such pleasant company. Yes, that's Rebecca. :)

    I hope that you had a wonderful and blessed Resurrection Sunday!

    Joyfully in Christ,
    Miss Emily Rose

  6. Dear Rebekah,

    First of all, thank you so much for your lovely comments on my blog! :) It was a joy to meet you at the Father/Daughter retreat! I'm sorry I have not been able to contact you before now - I have been quite busy ever since I got home from the retreat. :)

    As to the question you asked - I found the address for on someone's blog and it took off from there! :) I discovered that I very much enjoyed graphic design. My mother and I were discussing the other day that I should start designing things for profit, but then I would have to set up a new website to sell them on. :)

    This is so amazing - I am sure I've seen your blog before! I recognize the picture of you and your father on the sidebar! But when I met you in person I didn't realize that was you. When I first found your blog I thought you were much older because of the wisdom and gentleness of your words... you truly are a remarkable young lady! :)

    Thank you for the encouragement about the devotional blog! :) I'm very looking forward to it. My first post is scheduled to appear on the blog on April 23rd, but the other girls will have posts up sooner than that. :)

    I hope you are having a wonderful day!


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