Monday, March 2, 2009

Long Awaited Special Annoucement Post!

And now, ladies (and any gents who may be here), here is the special announcement post that you've all been waiting so patiently for!

My news is that the Lord has opened the doors for me to be able to have a home business(or cottage industry:)). I am so thankful to Him for His mercy and guidance.

Last year, my father began speaking to me a lot on the subject of home businesses and began making it pretty clear that he would like me to have one. I, too, liked this idea, as I had been wanting to find a way to earn some money from home-money that would allow me to help our family, minister to others, etc. Then, in June, I was happy to find the wonderful booklet by Crystal Paine, The Merchant Maiden: Earning an Income Without Compromising Convictions, for sale at our local homeschool curriculum fair. This pleased my father very much as well, and I began to read this great book that is so full of wisdom and practical advice(a must-read for every Christian young lady-as well as married ladies!). However, none of the ideas for earning money at home particularly leapt out at me.

While all this was taking place, the Lord was growing my love of tea parties and all things associated with them. By this time, I had attended 2 Vision Forum father daughter discipleship retreats with Daddy and had so enjoyed the special Victorian high teas at these retreats. Then, for my 16th birthday, my parents took me to The English Rose, a delightfully authentic British tea room in our area. While there, I became aquainted with domed tea cozies which are darling little works of art that sit over your teapot, thereby keeping your tea warm and adding beauty to your tea parties. I was definitely wanting one of my own! Well, then this Christmas I received a tea cozy hand crafted by my mother. What a delightful gift it was! This adorable tea cozy, however, was something I had never seen before! It was what is called a wrap-around tea cozy, and is wrapped around your tea pot and secured with ribbons, etc. I had never seen anything so adorable! :) This tea cozy style allowed me to keep the cozy on my tea pot at all times, while still allowing for easy pouring. I was thrilled! :) It was so enjoyable to put this cozy to use at the Christmas tea party I hosted for some of the young ladies from church.

Then about a month or so ago, my mother approached me with an idea she has just thought up. She well knew how much my father and I wanted me to have a home business, and she as well really liked the idea. She had been thinking about possibilities of things I could do when she came up with a brilliant idea: sell handcrafted wrap-around tea cozies! This would incorporate my love for all things tea parties with my desire to earn money while remaining under the authority and protection of my father. It would also provide me with valuable opportunities to sew more, which are always nice for me! :) Mama and I then approached my father with the idea, and he gave his blessing. I must tell you, I'm so excited about this new idea the Lord has blessed me with, and it is my desire to honor Him with it and give all glory to Him. It's my prayer that He would bless this cottage industry and would allow me to serve all those who would, I pray, benefit from it.

The past few weeks have been so fun as Mama and I have sought out fabric and accessories to fashion into tea cozies. Seeing pieces of fabric and spools of ribbon turn into tea cozies has been so delightful!

The tea cozies that are currently available (with more being added weekly) will be ready for purchase here on By His Grace and For His Glory beginning tomorrow. Pictures of the styles, info on each cozy, price, payment and shipping information, etc. will all be posted then!

It's my desire that these cozies would serve as pretty new additions to your home and the starters for some very enjoyable, relaxing tea parties with family, friends, and those who are in desperate need of Christian hospitality.

~Miss Rebekah Ann S., owner of Co-z-t Treasures, a home business begun with the purpose of giving glory to God and providing the public with handcrafted, custom made tea cozies

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  1. Oh, Rebekah, that is so neat! I am soooooo excited for you!!! What a wonderful alternative to "going out and getting a job." My mom and I were just discussing today about how the latter can result in so much heartache as a result of being unprotected.
    Just a thought, another young lady, whose blog who I read quite frequently, has a home business as well. She sells things from a little etsy shop that she has set up online. Her website is She is going to the F&D retreat this year too!


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