Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A Delightful Tea!

In May of '09, Daddy took us to a Chattanooga Lookouts (the local AA baseball team) game. One of which Mama and I didn't see much of the last half! :) This was because a sweet young woman named Rebekah had noticed that we were wearing skirts, and wanted to come to thank us for that. She said it was a great encouragement to her to see other ladies wearing modest skirts-at a baseball game no less! That is what began a long, wonderful conversation, a conversation which sparked a wonderful friendship. We have been so blessed and encouraged through knowing Rebekah and her mother, and are amazed that the Lord used a baseball game to bring us together. :) It's a neat little story!

Rebekah's birthday was February 4th, and a couple days prior, she held a wonderful tea party in honor of the special day. What a wonderful time we all had together!

Mrs. Snyder looks on as Rebekah opens her first gift!

The beautiful table and delicious food!
 Do you see that cup and saucer? Rebekah was so very kind in buying that set for me from a local tea room. I had been helping her edit a book she's working on, and this is what she gave me in return! I told her I wasn't expecting anything, but she insisted. :) I was blown away with the wonderful gift. I had been wanting a teacup and saucer from an actual tea room, but had just never purchased one. Our Lord works in mysterious ways! :)

Mama enjoys visiting with Rebekah's mom, Mrs. Grisso

This is the card from me! :)

Mrs. White, me, Rebekah, and Mama

One very special aspect of the tea was that those invited were not simply a group of girls of approximately the same age. It was so refreshing to see that there were older women at this tea, as well. So often today, younger girls and older women are segregated, unable to spend much time together. This really hinders Titus 2 ministry, and keeps young women from learning how to interact with and enjoy sweet Christian fellowship with older women, wives and mothers. I so enjoyed laughing with and learning from these older women during the most delightful tea. The presence of those sweet ladies there made the party even more delightful.

I would encourage you young women to search out the older ladies at your church or in your extended family, and begin to develop friendships with them. Seek their advice, heed their wise counsel, and simply enjoy the special, fun time of fellowship that you can have with these dear ladies. You won't regret it!


  1. What a lovely "coincidence" your meeting at the baseball game was! It's amazing how God chooses to bring encouraging friends into our lives.

    I agree about the segregation of younger women from older women.... Personally, I've always felt just as comfortable if not more so around women 15 or more years older than me! Haha, maybe it's because I was home-schooled. :) How sad it is that many of the women I talked to were *surprised* that I wanted to talk to them.

  2. I love seeing pictures!!! THanks!!


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