Friday, February 12, 2010

Precious Little Visitors!

Here in Tennessee, we have discovered lately that for some reason, the birds in our area are simply enthralled with the snow! :) When it begins to snow just a little, it seems that all the birds come out and begin pecking around for food, or simply enjoy the feeling of sitting out in the falling snow. They continue to have a joyous time the more it snows.

The Lord has blessed our area with another beautiful snow today, and we were blessed with two precious little visitors earlier this morning, when the snow first began to fall.

This little blue bird swept in for a landing on our back roof. He just sat up there, peering down at the ground for a few minutes, and then suddenly flew to the ground and captured some lunch!

One of the blessings of having a row of nice, thick trees in our backyard is the benefit of having many varying birds come in for some southern hospitality (and some good bird seed, too!). :)

I wish you could see the bird more closely, but this darling little sparrow arrived at the bird bath in our front yard. Sadly for him, most of the water therein was frozen. Needless to say, we've beheld many little birdies skating on our birdbath lately! ;) It's always so cute to see them walk across the surface, but it's also sad, as well, that they are unable to partake of the water.

As you can see, Piper enjoyed the birdie's visit, too!


  1. Aww, and look at that precious kitty watching it! I LOVE animals too :)

  2. Wasn't that cute? I couldn't resist taking a picture of that little site. :) I, too, adore animals. From the time I was a little girl, we always had an assortment of cats (and a very wide assortment at that!!), although we never had more than one inside cat at a time; all the rest were outside strays that we fed. I've also had two dogs. Animals are such a joy, and the Lord was very merciful in allowing us to have them! :)


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