Friday, February 12, 2010

It's That Time Again!

Well, it's Friday, and that means it's time for the next stay-at-home daughterhood article!

However, our study of Dinah will come next Friday instead. I've had to postpone this next article as a result of schedule changes that have occured. As I mentioned the other day, Daddy has had to work quite a bit more lately than is normal, causing him to be more worn out after a long day's work. Daddy tends to go over my articles on Fridays, but this Friday has been a little different.

Also, as I'm sure you can understand, my life itself has been even busier lately, as well. This is my senior year of homeschool highschool, I'm working on a book project, and researching for, writing, and re-writing an article a week is at times a daunting task! Therefore, the next article in the stay-at-home daughterhood article series will not be posted today, but rather next Friday, February 19th.

In the mean time however, I did want to provide you with a list of the current articles in this series, so that if you have missed one or more of the articles, you can read them as you prepare for the release of the next one!

May the Lord bless your time of reading!

Please return next week for an eye-opening study of Dinah from Genesis 34!

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