Friday, March 19, 2010

Life Happens!

As you all know, today is Friday and that means stay-at-home daughterhood article day. For several reasons, however, the release of the next article will be delayed.

For one thing, the next article will be a rather lengthy one. My dear father, who reads over my articles prior to my posting them, has been considerably over-worked lately, leaving him thus very tired and warn out at times. Because of this (and the fact that he had to work today, too), I want to refrain from bogging him down with a long article to read upon his arrival home this afternoon or evening. I'm sure you will understand.

Second, my laptop upon which I write my articles is giving me grief. :) Actually, it's really the disk that I use to transfer my articles from that computer to our family computer (the laptop does not have internet; it's simply used for writing) for posting. The disk is not transferring anything at the moment for one reason or another.

Furthermore, our family computer itself was acting up earlier today (it has been doing so in the mornings fairly regularly lately).

Last, because I will be attending this year's Vision Forum father daughter retreat next week (am I looking foward to that! :) ), I will be very, very busy and will likely have little to no time to respond to a bunch of comments that may or may not be posted on the next article.

While I'm sure you will understand the reason for a lack of a new article being posted today, I do want to provide you with a convenient list of the current articles in the series, in case you have missed the opportunity to read some of them. Here it is:

I would encourage you to read through the comment sections, as well, as some good discussion is contained therein.

Have a blessed day in our Lord, and thank you for your understanding!


  1. Nothing like blessed business :) Take all the time you need and enjoy!

  2. Thank you, Layla! :) I'm so looking forward to it!

    That's kind of you, Jennifer; thank you! :)


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