Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Enjoying precious fellowship with the Brookshire family!

We were so excited and blessed to be able to spend time with the dear Brookshire family while in Indiana! Daddy and I had met Mr. Brookshire and his sweet daughters Breezy and Emily Rose at this year's Vision Forum Father Daughter Retreat. While speaking with them, we discovered that, amazingly, they lived only about 20 minutes down the road from my great-grandparents! We had also visited the Brookshire's church before without realizing they went there! This time while in Indiana we were able to visit their church again, and they were so kind and hospitable that they invited us over for lunch afterwards. It was so wonderful to see them again (and to meet their wonderful mother!). This fun time made Mama's birthday even more special. A memorable day of fun, much laughter, and encouragement was enjoyed by all!

Breezy, myself and Emily Rose-special kindred friends!
The men- Mr. Brookshire, Daddy and Andrew

Mr. Brookshire and Daddy enjoying a good conversation!

Goodbye 'til next time! (this picture got out of order :( )

A group of likeminded Christians enjoying joyous fellowship together

My dear friend Breezy and the Brookshire's sweet family dog Bentley (who is also very obedient, I might add!)

Mr. and Mrs. Brookshire, Daddy and Mama

Mrs. Brookshire and Mama- two precious, godly women who delight in being wives, mothers and homemakers!

For more photos from our time with the Brookshires, please click here!

**Special note: the Brookshire sisters have just completed, by God's grace, a wonderful new project that will be featured in and available through this year's Vision Forum family catalogue (which is due out soon!). This wonderful work will, I'm sure, serve to encourage, edify, teach and strengthen the sturdy, godly, feminine, submissive, and visionary wives, mothers and homemakers of the next generation! For more information, please click here (and be sure to spread the word)!


  1. I'm so glad you enjoyed your visit! The pictures look great. Do you plan on attending the Father Daughter Retreat next year?

    That Bently, though, he's a show off. Today he was very naughty because there was no one to impress. We all went outside to help Mom bring the groceries in, and just when he promised to stay near us, he ran out to the road! LOL, silly pup.

    Perhaps if you could come over more he'd do better... ;)

    Love you

  2. Breezy, it was such a joy to receive this sweet comment from you!! :)

    Yes, we're planning to be there! We can't wait! :) I was so happy to hear from Emily that you are planning to be there, as well! It will be so wonderful to see you again.

    Oh, silly Bently! :) I suppose we'll just have to travel on up to Indiana again, so that Bently will get straightened out! :)

    Have a great evening, dear friend!



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