Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Updates, a Reminder and Prayer Requests

Hello, all! My family and I returned yesterday evening from a truly delightful trip to Indiana to visit my great-grandparents. While there, we were able to have lunch and enjoy a great time of fellowship with some of my dearest friends, Breezy, Emily and the rest of their family. A great time was had by all (more on that later!), and the Lord was so merciful in granting to us traveling mercies on our journey back home. As always, a wonderful visit with family ends in an emotional departure. But God is good, and I'm so thankful for the precious time we were able to have together.

As most of you know, Lord willing, the first article in the stay-at-home daughterhood series will be posted this Thursday, September 17th. Also, please note that there is limited time available to vote in the poll that is associated with this project, so please do vote while you still can! Please continue to keep this series in your prayers, as well! That is greatly appreciated, I assure you!

While driving home yesterday, Mama discovered that there were 2 messages on her cell phone from our pastor. They sounded very urgent, and upon calling back, we were told something that we never ever would have expected. I don't feel at liberty at this time to reveal all the details (especially not on the public venue of a blog). However, I am pleading with you that you would please pray for a family in our church. Something has happened that has sent us into complete shock and disbelief. Though you don't know all the details (nor do we at this time!), please don't allow that to cause you to underestimate the importance of keeping this family in your prayers. If, in the future, I feel that I can share more with you all, I certainly will. But for the time being, I would so appreciate your prayers! They mean more than you know! We know that the Lord will bring good out of this situation, but we truly are wondering why it has happened. 'Tis so sweet to trust in Jesus, though! God is good, and will bring good out of this problem. Thank you so very, very much for your faithful, caring prayers and concern!

Also, there is a friend of mine from church who was injured recently during football practice. He had to have surgery for torn cartilage in his knee, and at this time, we are unsure whether or not his cartilage will heal. Please pray the the Great Physician would work wonders, that his recovery would not be too painful, etc.

Thank you all so much for your love and prayers. What a joy it is to have readers like you! The Lord truly has blessed me through you all, and I pray that he will use me to be a blessing to you in return.

God bless you,
Miss Rebekah


  1. We are definelty praying! I understand, it was a big shock for me as well. But we simply need to continue to trust the Lord who is in control, and that He has a plan for everything He does!

    Also, I am happy to hear that you and your dear family made it home safely! I cannot wait to see you again!

    In & through Christ always,



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