Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Snapshots from Daddy's Birthday

This past Thursday, September 17th, was Daddy's birthday. Here are some photos of the celebration. :)

Andrew and I tend to make cards for Daddy, but we happened to find some we really liked instead. Here's the one Andrew picked for him. :)
The two most important men in my life. :)

This is the card I picked for Daddy

Daddy talking to Andrew about one of his gifts. :) He received a CD set of Doug Phillips reading Poems for Patriarchs

Daddy blowing out his musical candle! :) This is the 2 layer chocolate cake with chocolate icing he requested.


  1. Hello Rebekah!

    I follow your blog so it was lovely seeing some posts from you on my dashboard reading list! :)

    I have not forgotten about your jewelry pictures, however, my mother has not been feeling well at all the last few weeks (she has a nasty cold and some other things) and I have been doing a lot around the house in her place, consequently I have not gotten around to sending you the pictures! I am sorry! I will work on getting those to you! :)

    That is so wonderful that you were able to spend some time with the Brookshires! I just love their family. :)

    Love & Blessings,

  2. I don't like Mr. Phillips' beliefs, but I LOVE "Poems for Patriarchs". Lucky father..


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