Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Mama's birthday in Indiana

Well, these pictures came up out of order....I hope you'll bear with me! :)

Mama's birthday was Sunday, September 6th, and thus she was able to celebrate it in her favorite place....Indiana! She was able to visit with both great-grandmas (who both made her very yummy cakes!), which made for quite a happy day!

Andrew and I gave Mama the jewelry for her birthday, not knowing that Nanny (my great-grandma) had purchased this top for her. Look how well the earrings and top match! :) That was quite a pleasant surprise.
Mama and Nanny :)

The tasty pineapple upside down cake Nanny made for Mama

Mama and her not so little boy on her birthday (reading the card he made for her!)

Daddy, Mama and Mammy (my other great-grandma). Mammy made her a beautiful, moist applesauce cake. She is a very creative woman-she even put icing flowers on the cake!

I do believe it was a happy birthday, don't you? :)

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