Monday, September 28, 2009

Tag; you're it!

I came across this tag today on my friend Breezy's site, and decided to post my own on here. Enjoy!

Here are 10 facts about myself:

1. I started ballet at the age of 4, and quit at 6 when my brother was born. I was also once a ballroom dancer but quit lessons, after being very convicted by the Lord, 2 years after I started.

2. I'm completely terrified of spiders! I can't even go near them to kill them, as I'm afraid they'll jump on me. :/

3. I can't stand green peas!

4. I had surgery for slipped capital femoral epiphysis (SCFE) in May of 2003 (at the age of almost 11) and had a screw inserted into my hip.

5. I've never been a very athletic person, but over the years have enjoyed playing basketball, volleyball and-of all things!-flag football occasionally. I wasn't that great, though, and was never on a team.

6. I've been homeschooled all my life and skipped second grade. Also, speaking of school, I went to get my senior pictures taken last Monday! :)

7. When I was really little people would ask me what I wanted to be when I grew up, and I would reply, "A mommy and a cooker!".

8. I'm currently working on a very exciting project that I hope to, Lord willing, announce soon!

9. My hair was once waist length, and at that time I got 10 inches cut off and donated it to Locks of Love (a group that takes the hair and makes it into wigs for cancer patients)-it was then shoulder length after that.

10. My mouth is rather small, so I had to get my wisdom teeth taken out back in January 2007 before they were even through the gums.

If you're reading this, consider yourself tagged, and be sure to leave me your link so that I can read your answers! :) Have fun!


  1. I'm a ballet drop-out, too! I was 3 when I started, and after a few months of it, I asked Mom when we'd be dancing with boys, when they'd start twirling us around. She told me there wouldn't be any. "Well, fine then," I said disappointed, "I don't want to do it any more." LOL

    This was fun...Blessings!

  2. So great to hear from you, Breezy! :)

    Wow-how we've changed by God's grace over the years. :) That's a funny story! It seems like so many girls were in ballet at some point in their lives.

    Have a wonderful day,

  3. Hello, Bekah!

    It was very neat to see a few new facts about you. :) Since I don't have a blog(yet!) I'll just list my facts here! I hope that's okay!

    1. My birthday-November 22-falls on Thanksgiving every few years.

    2. I have the very best Church Family that anyone could ever hope for.

    3. I've been to China. We were there for 2 weeks while adopting my little sister, Eva.

    4. I was a little troube maker even before I was born! My mother passed out twice and had to be hospitalized 3 times while pregnant with me. And then, I was born 2 1/2 weeks early.

    5. My darling daddy still cuts my steak. When I was very little, daddy and I used to go out every couple of weeks on "Daddy Dates". It was then that we started the custom of him cutting my steak. He still does to this day!

    6. I currently enjoy bowling in a league every Saturday morning. I have participated in a variety of sports, but this is definetly my favorite!

    7. My brother, Logan, and I love going to theme parks, amusment parks, and county fairs together. We love riding all the rollercoasters and always end the day with a funnel cake!

    8. I was almost named Ashleigh. But, at the very last minute(not kidding, in the hospital!) my dear parents decided to name me Haleigh.

    9. I had to have six teeth pulled in order to get my braces(which were removed last month). I will have to have my wisdom teeth pulled sometime next year or the year after! Yikes!

    10. I am very, very blessed to be able to say that Rebekah Shadoin-on whose blog you're now reading-is my very dearest friend. She and I have so much in similarity with one another it's scary!

    Well, that's it!


    I'd better see you on here soon, Hannah! :):)

  4. I was thrilled to see your sweet commment, Haleigh! :) How fun it was to read your answers, too!

    That is so sweet about your dad! :) I went, "Aww...." when I read that. ;)

    And I love to see how close you and Logan are now. The two of you really have a special relationship; never take these moments for granted, for sooner than you might think the two of you may be married and off in two separate parts of the world. So, delight in these special brother sister times while you have them!!

    Wow, I had no idea your mom went through all that (or that you almost had a different name! ;))!

    I'm really glad you did this, Haleigh! It was really neat to read.

    And you're my dearest of friends, as well. I'm so blessed by your friendship; the Lord was so merciful in bringing us together like He did. I was so happy to read that sweet note. You're the greatest, Haleigh! :) And you're right- we are so much alike it's crazy! We have to have been separated at birth-I can't think of any way else to account for how alike we are. :)

    Have a great night,

    P.S. I absolutely agree with you-our church family is the greatest. I'm so blessed by everybody, and so looking forward to the fellowship meal Sunday!

  5. Oh goody, fun topic.

    1) I too took ballet, until the age of ten. Sadly, I haven't danced since, but I'd love to get some groove back on..

    2) I'm just as scared of spiders as you. I've lived with them around for so long, I can tell the males from the females! I do allow some useful single females to live in the garage (and encourage garden spiders and golden spiders-the only pretty kinds-to live outside) and I spray them from a distance if they're inside, but I ALWAYS scream when they fall from the ceiling or wall after being sprayed. And woe betide the spider who invades my car while I'm driving-or the person who's riding with me..

    3) I took first grade twice due to learning disabilities, particularly math. While I'm terrible at math, I'm great at writing and LOVE school.

    4) I'm a lot like both my parents and their sides of the family, but the upper half of my face is mainly my father's (as is my temper and determination). While my blonde hair and eye color are my mom's, the bone structure and eye shape are my dad's. Here's a pic of me:

    5) I adore my family and hope for both a daughter and a son. While I've never had brothers, I do have many male cousins and they are brothers to me.

    6) One of my worst faults is my temper. I rarely lose it entirely, but my patience is often short and sometimes my tongue is sharp, even if it's just hissing under my breath. This is a matter I'm praying about, especially when I come close to taking any of God's blessings for granted. I also pray to have better control over my occasionally swaying feelings.

    7) I am now Myspace friends with Isabelle, the beautiful and brilliant little girl who starred in the horror film "Orphan"! I just had to add this, because she is amazing and very sweet in real life :) She's only twelve and new in the movie gig, so I feel very protective and hope to help keep her from rotten people in the business (please keep her in prayers!)

    8) I love traveling and long to do more.

    9) I love amusement parks! And am still grieving over a very special one my family visited for more than a decade. It closed due to a greedy development company whose plans never even came to fruition! Mom and I visited it one last time a couple weeks ago; it was all deserted *sniffle*

    10) I have a variety of reading and film interests, which range from children's stuff to Stephen King and other adult material.

    Thanks, Rebekah! May I ask why you felt convicted to leave ballroom dancing?

  6. Alrighty girls... here it is! :)

    1. I am the oldest child of ten - a fact I absolutely LOVE to talk about!

    2. The longest my family and I have ever lived in a house is about three years. We have moved around a lot; the Lord has blessed us with a lot of moving experiences :) - but I hope to be staying put for quite a long while!

    3. I cannot stand seafood! Which is quite sad, because the rest of my family are big fans of it; shrimp, crab legs, etc.

    4. When I was six, I took Jazz lessons; but I stopped after about 5 months.

    5. A scary thought; when my youngest brother is fifteen, I will be thirty! :(

    6. My bestest ever daddy in the whole world is a fourth degree black belt in Hapkido. When we live in Atlanta, (I was just a little baby) he would learn from the very tough Master Park. I mean tough. Daddy would get beat up almost every day; but he loved every moment of it! :) He stopped when the Lord moved us to Mt. Juliet, Tennessee, but he now teaches several of my siblings and I. And the funny stories he tells us of when he would work with Master Park.... let me just tell you that we love to laugh! :)
    I was blessed with a WONDERFUL daddy! :)

    7. I love to design things. In my mind, I have put together a charming little cottage (or as I title it, "My little Yellow House in the Woods") and every inch of it is complete. My inspiration for this cute litle place came from a tiny yellow house my family and I drive past every Sunday on our way to meet with our church family. :) Yes, my brothers like to tease me about my wandering imagination, but I enjoy coming up with plans and ideas for this darling little house. :)

    8. I believe that I have the cutest little brothers anyone could ever ask for! :) (I have six brothers, four of them under the age of eight)

    9. My family owns our own personal petting zoo; right here in our home! :) To be exact, we have.... "drum roll if you please" .... Four adorable dogs, seven cuddly kitties, six amazing geckos, two (almost) talking parrot-lets, two "can't-believe-they-are-still-alive" goldfish, and one teeny-tiny cute little turtle. :)

    10. I am a part of a dear group of friends who, because they are so close, have decided to call themselves the March sisters. Yes, the same four "Meg, Jo, Beth & Amy" in the book "Little Women". My dear sister Rebekah, whose site I am glad to comment on, is otherwise known as "Meg", Miss Haleigh Poe who has also taken part in this tag is lovingly called "dear Amy". Our fourth sister, "Beth", has not yet commented on this post, but I do not want to leave her out; our sweet-tempered, loving sister! :)
    And me, as you all have probably guessed, am the cheerful Jo! :)

    ~How's that girls? I hope you all enjoy it. :)

    ~Meg dear, I loved reading through yours! I also took ballet, but left that out of my list. And I almost always replied the same thing when asked the question, "What do you want to be?" How neat!

    ~Dear Amy, your so fun! I really enjoyed reading yours too! I totally agree with you about our church family! We do have the best ever. :) And the one about your dad, how sweet! This is really fun! :)

    ~Well, I'm afraid I should end now. Bekah, thank you for hosting this fun little game for us! I had a blast! :)

    In Christ,

    Both of you will be there tomorrow, right? Hope to see you all! :)

  7. Ok girls here is my list -

    1.I was in Ballet for 9 years and did the Nutcracker for 5 years.

    2.I have a little sister who is 16 years younger.

    3.I was born 5 weeks early and my birthday is Oct.31 reformation day!

    4.I am deathly afraid of snakes.

    5.I have traveled all over the U.S.

    6.Both of my parents are black belts.

    7.I love science.

    8.I love to read all kinds of books.

    9.My grandfather travels all over the world and brings me a rock back from every country he visits.

    10.I have the best church family ever!!!!!
    You girls are the best.

    ~ Thank you Jo for your kind remarks about me.

    ~ Thank you Bekah for putting this tag on your blog.

    Kelsey ~Beth~

  8. Kelsey, I'm so happy you participated! I loved your answers, your so sweet! :)

    ~Hannah~ (Jo)

  9. It was so good to see your darling answers here, Kelsey!! I had no idea that your parents were black belts!!!???!!! I did know that darling little Emma was so much younger than you though! :) I know that you would not trade her for ANYTHING!! :):)

    Again, it was sooo good to see you here!


  10. Thank you for participating, Jennifer! :) Your comment on spiders made me laugh. I know how you feel!

    I'd be happy to answer your question regarding ballroom dancing. It's a great one!
    There are various levels of ballroom dancing (bronze, silver, gold, gold star, gold bar, and international) each of which consist of beginner, intermediate and advanced. The higher you go in these levels, the closer you must be to your partner-in silver and up, for example, you must be completely touching in most dances from the mid chest down. As a Christian young lady, I felt that this was highly inappropriate. I knew that this was not something I should be a part of-my duty at this time in my life is to guard by purity and save everything for my future husband. Even dancing at the lowest level carries risks. Dancing with various young men each week at dance class can breed crushes, emotionaly attachments, etc. very quickly. For these reasons, I felt that the Lord did not want me to be involved anymore in ballroom dancing.

    Thank you again so much for your question! :)


  11. I LOVED your answers, "Jo" deary. :)

    Your brother are way too adorable. ;) I loved hearing about your yellow house! That's so sweet. And I had no idea you took jazz lessons briefly!

    It was so fun getting to know more about you, dear friend!


    P.S. It is so neat that we answered the same way when we were little! :)

    How great to read your answes, Kelsey! :)

    That is so neat to have rocks from all over the world, and to have been able to travel all of the U.S.! It's so wonderful to see God's great creation!

    And, I know what you mean about snakes-they scare me, too!!

    Love you, and thanks so much for answering,

  12. Thank YOU so much for answering my question :) Your spirit is strong and kind.

    Oh, and thanks for the post! I love stuff like this :P

  13. You're very welcome, Jennifer! :) Another point I failed to make was that also as you go into the higher levels, the steps themselves become more sensual. As you can see, there were many reasons why I felt I should quit ballroom lessons!

    I'm glad you enjoyed the tag! :) Thanks for participating.



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