Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Tuesday's Devotional

Before I begin the devotional, ladies, I want to sincerely apologize for just now posting it! I've been swamped today with school, etc. Thank you for understanding. And to all those who have e-mailed me recently: thank you SO VERY much! Your e-mails have been such a rich blessing and joyous encouragement to me! I have felt so honored reading them. I had recently received some "persecution in word form" so to speak, regarding my "weird convictions" and was sort of discouraged, but whenever I felt that way, I "just happened" to go check my e-mail and there was an encouraging e-mail awaiting me. I think the Lord led you to send those to me, knowing that I needed encouragement right at that time, and I thank Him and you for those e-mails! :) I will be responding to every one of you as soon as possible! :)

Do not let your heart envy sinners.
~ Proverbs 23:17a (NKJV)

I just came across this verse as I was searching through the Scriptures, trying to come up with a verse to use for today's devotional. I think the Lord led me to this wonderful chapter(which I will, as of now, after reading some of its amazing verses, be using its contents for more of the following devotionals coming up!) and verse, because I can speak from experience in this area, and I think He has some words for me to say, that will hopefully be an encouragement to all of you, especially to those of you with likeminded convictions, who have probably faced some persecutions from friends and family because of them.

Shortly after our convictions began changing (please note my testimony), I began wearing skirts sometimes to my homeschool group meetings(I now where skirts/dresses exclusively). The fellow homeschoolers began looking at me strangely, like I was weird to be dressing in a distinctly feminine garment, and they would ask me things such as, "Why are you wearing a skirt?? What are you doing dressed like that?" Now, I know this may seem like a very little thing-afterall, they didn't really know anything about my changing convictions regarding men's and women's roles, my views on homemaking, etc., so I didn't recieve any persecution from them for those bigger areas, but I still hated for people to look at me and think I was weird. I've always been a very sensitive person, ever since earliest childhood, and so I absolutely hated for people to look at me strangely, or to think I was weird or crazy, etc. So, as you can imagine, this was hard for me! I didn't like feeling weird when I attended homeschool group. At times, I desired to just be like all the other females there, wearing jeans like everyone else-like "normal" people. At times, I'm ashamed to say, I wished that my father(who made it known that he preferred it when I dressed like a distinctly feminine lady) was like all the other dad's-not caring what their daughters wore(providing that it wasn't immodest). Now, looking back, I am so unbelieveably ashamed in the highest degree for ever wishing that I or my godly father were like the world around us!! The Bible says that to love the world is to hate the Father, and so for me to think this way, was absolutely sinful and abhorred in God's sight!

I was desiring to look and be more like the world(the sinful, God-hating world) just so that I wouldn't be thought weird or strange by others. I was doing exactly what this verse prohibits and commands us to not do: I was envying the sinners(of course, we're all sinners! this verse is speaking on those people of the world, who do not belong to God). I was envying the fact that they aren't thought of as weird in the world's eyes. How horrible!!! As you can read in my testimony, God had very graciously and lovingly changed my heart and convictions and the heart and convictions of my immediate family members, fashioning them and refining them to be more in accordance with His Word. If it weren't for his work in my life(and in the lives of my immediate family members), I would still be very feministic (and thus, very anti-God and His Word, teachings and commands). He was amazingly gracious (much more merciful and gracious than I would ever deserve-I'm nothing but a sinner!) to me, in changing me and my beliefs. So, how dare I desire to be more like the world (and thus not be thought of as weird) when the Lord has drawn and rescued me out of the lost world, and has instead showered me with mercy, grace, and the refiner's fire. This verse really convicted me at that time! The Lord used it to reveal to me the horrible sinfulness of my ways and desires. Instead of worrying over being thought the least bit weird (which is absolutely nothing compared to what Jesus and the martyrs faced!), I should have been rejoicing in God my Savior that He rescued me out of the harmful and detrimental teachings of feminism, etc., and instead showed me the beauty of Biblical daugherhood, Biblical womanhood, and Biblical femininity, and the beauty of embracing the roles that God has lovingly given to me as a female! I should have been wholeheartedly praising Him, rather than worrying about the outcomes of His goodness(i.e. being thought of as weird by the world). If we're truly living a godly, Christ-like life that is based solely on God's Word, then we will be persecuted by the world-that's a given and a guarantee! The Bible says that all who desire to live godly in Christ Jesus will indeed be persecuted. But(as I wrote about in a previous devotional), that persecution is a blessing! It's used to bring glory to God, and to make us into a witness to the world.

Ladies, I shared all of this with you to be an encouragement to you. To those of you who find yourself persecuted and looked down upon for your completely Biblical convictions and way of life, take heart! Be strong and of good courage, for the Lord has promised to never leave you nor forsake you-He goes with you wherever you go, and is right by your side, protecting you always! Stay strong when others persecute you because of your beliefs and counter-cultural way of life, knowing that you are doing exactly what the Lord wants you to, and are living exactly the way He desires for you to. He will richly bless you if you just obey Him, rather than following the world and its teachings. Never envy the way or life of sinners, but rather, thank God heartily that He has changed, sanctified, and refined you, in accordance with His Word! That indeed is a blessing-take heart and rest it in, and give no attention to what the world says about you. Follow Him, and rest in the fact that you are pleasing Him-the only one worth pleasing! :)

God bless you all!


  1. Rebekah, I didn't read the devotional yet. I just wanted you to know how that I can sympathize when you get persecution in word form. It hurts, especially when you get falsely accused or branded something you are not. God is good! I can assure you of that!

    You know, I never heard back from you with e-mails. Did I ever say something wrong? I hope not. The Lord has changed how I am writing my book...I should fill you in!


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  4. I will just post this way if I post again. Sorry about that. ;p

  5. Ignore those things up there. I made the mistake of posting from my Google account and I found it linked to something from my messy blog that I never tended ... here is the important part of what I posted.

    "Rebekah, you are not weird. You are willing to do whatever you feel God wants you to do no matter how it is percieved. Just to be honest, I have different convictions than you right now about this particular issue, but that does not make you wierd to me, and even if it did, you /still/ wouldn't really be weird. God's grace does not make us oddballs.


  6. I would also like to wear only skirts and dresses (when I learn how to sew/get some money for fabric; because the clothes they sell today make women look like harlots but I have made a nice below the knee skirts with is just so feminine!) and I am too persucuted by GET THIS my own family who thinks that I about to join some cult (if I'm not in one already) and thinks I'm crazy for wanting 14 children and want to submit to my husband. I'm so glad I'm not alone.


  7. I know what you mean, and identify with a lot of what you say. While I don't wear exclusively dresses/skirts, I do wear pants a size or two bigger than what most people would call a nice fit, and I never wear shorts, or anything higher than a few inchs under my knees. Living in Southern California, where the surfer lifestyle is popular and kids wear bikinis around the neighborhood, I am viewed as very *weird* for wearing pants (and, I may add, dark pants) right through the summer. I have gotten lots of comments like, "Aren't you hot?", "Why do you do that?", etc., and get lots of weirdo looks (of course, that might have something to do with my hat, too). Anyways, I just wanted you to know you're definitely not alone, there are others of us young ladies dressing modestly and enduring some persecution for it! Keep going, and may the Lord bless you for your desire for modesty and purity.

  8. Hi, ladies! :) Thank you all so so much for leaving me your comments! I value each and every one and really enjoy receiving and reading them! :)


    Thank you so much for your encouraging words! I really needed them and what a blessing they were!! It definitely does hurt when you're persecuted, especially when falsely accused, but you're so right-God is wonderful!! His plans and ways are always far better than ours!

    I never responded to those?? Oh my-I'm so sorry! I thought I had. :( No, you've never said anything wrong at all-I cherish your comments and e-mails; you're such a dear friend and sister in Christ! I'll be responding to those asap!! And I can't wait to hear all about the book news!! :)

    Blessings to you dear friend,
    Hi, Monika! That's quite allright! :) Thank you so much for your sweet and encouraging words! You're such a sweet friend. :) What a blessing it was to read your comments! Just curious-what was it in particular that you weren't agreeing with?

    Many blessings to you! :)
    Adlyn!! I'm so happy to see you on my blog! Welcome! :) I so enjoyed "talking" to you over on Anna's! I know what you mean; isn't that so sad?? The majority of the clothes out there for females are either extremely skimpy or else make us look way too masculine. How frustrating it can be to shop for decent, modest, feminine, Christ-honoring clothes! I tend to find some really great skirts at thrift stores. Most of my skirts came from there, in fact. That's great that you're learning how to sew! Having that ability always ensures that you'll be able to wear modest, femining clothing no matter what the styles do at the stores! That's great about that skirt! :) I've made two skirts myself and how much fun it is!

    You are definitely not alone! Although it does feel that way at times, doesn't it? I'm so sorry your family is thinking that way about you. Are they saved? I have extended family members who are very feministic and think I'm absolutely crazy, as well. It gets so tiring at times to fight against what they're trying to tell me that I should be doing, or how I should be acting, etc. It's especially tragic when those people are ones who are Christians, yet are completely against your purely Biblical convictions! That's why it's just such a blessing to have likeminded friends!

    Are you familiar with Vision Forum? I think you would love the products they sell! Just go to and let me know what you think! :)

    I, too, what to be the mother of many many blessings. :) And I'm looking forward to being a joyfully submissive helpmeet to my future husband. What a blessing to have that opportunity-our roles as females are such a rich blessing-not a curse!!

    Thanks so much for visiting, and I hope you come back often! :)

    In Him,

    Hi, Rebekah! Thanks so much for your comment. I'm so excited that you've started visiting and commenting on my blog-I always love it when new people start visiting! :)

    Aw, thank you so so much for your sweet words of encouragement! :) I also get the questions, "Aren't you hot in that?" "Why in the world are you wearing a skirt?" Good greif! :) Personlly, I don't get hot at all in skirts, because a lot of the ones that I wear are pretty flowy. I don't wear shorts either. To me, they're not any different really than mini skirts-they're the same length if not shorter at times!

    I really enjoyed reading your comment. You stay strong in your convictions for modesty and purity, as well, dear sister in Christ! :)

    All for His glory,

  9. Hi Rebekah,

    You are very welcome, and I'm glad if I encouraged you. :) I do not totally see eye to eye with you about the wearing skirts exclusively thing at this time in my life, since you asked, though I used to. I was blessed not to be treated as strange though, in that time.


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~Rebekah S.