Thursday, January 24, 2008

With God, all things are indeed possible!

I wanted to share with you all the following miraculous story. As you read it, you'll probably begin to doubt that it's even true, due to the fact that it's just so amazing. But, I promise you-this story is 100% true, and it just goes to show you that God does still work miracles even today! :)

A week or two before Christmas, we were notified that a lady named Crystal Hutchings(who was a friend of one of the families in our church) had just been diagnosed with placental cancer. It was so rare that there had just been a handful of documented cases in the United States. And it was so deadly and fast growing, that the day she went to the doctor and they discovered that she had this form of cancer, the doctors told her that she had about 3 days at most to live. She had been experiencing some pain and discomfort and had decided to have the doctor check it out. Nothing could have prepared her for the horrible news she would receive. She would have to tell her family goodbye, for she only had about 3 days to live. She was the mother of 6 children, ranging in ages from 9 to 6 months. She would have to tell them all goodbye, breaking the news to them that they would no longer have their mother there with them.

When our church was notified of this heart-wrending story, we were so saddened and completely shocked! Our hearts went out to the poor family. What a tragic situation! We immediately added this family to our prayer requests list. We prayed for God's will to be done above all, and if it was His will to call her home at this time, then we prayed that He would comfort her grieving family. We prayed as well, that if it was His will, that He would please please heal her.

Things got really bad one day, and she was not expected to live through the night. If she did live through the night, it would be nothing at all short of a miracle.

Amazingly, she did! And the doctors said then that she would have to have more chemo treatments for a good 6-12 weeks. Since she would obviously have to be living to take the treatments, we gathered from the doctors words that she was at least out of immediate danger, and was thought to live at least another 6-12 weeks. Oh how thankful we were! But she was still in danger, and someone had to be with her around the clock, in case she went into sudden respiratory arrest. But the good news of her living for at least another 6-12 weeks was nothing compared to what we were told a few weeks later!

They did a scan a few weeks ago and it came back that she had no traces of cancer! Surely this couldn't be the case! Maybe the scan had malfunctioned! She had just been told a month prior that she was sure to die within 3 days from this cancer. So, the scan had to be wrong, right?

They did another scan, and we received the news of its results just yesterday. Not only is she completely free of absolutely ANY trace of cancer, but there's also no scarring in her lungs or elsewhere! It's as if this whole ordeal didn't even happen in her body!! It's as if we just dreamed up this whole cancer scare!

God completely healed her! Miracles are indeed real, because I've experienced one myself through this amazing occurance! It's just unbelievable. God heard our prayers and He healed her! Praise and glory be to Him forever and ever!

I wanted to share with you this amazing story for a reason. I want you to know that no matter what it is that you're going through at this moment, God can work it all together for good! He still works miracles today, and no matter how huge and overpowering your problematic situation may seem to you, it's nothing to God and His power! With God, all things are indeed possible! No matter what your situation may be, He can turn it all around, and make good come from it! Take heart and trust heartily in Him-the only One with true power!

May the name of the Lord forever be praised!


  1. That is so amazing!!!!! I remember being told about that lady and us praying for her. I knew that God had not promised to keep her alive, only to be with her whatever happened, but we still prayed that God would heal her if He willed. But He can do miracles, and this time apparently He chose to do so! What an act of divine sweetness ...

  2. That is awesome, thank you for reminding me that nothing is to big for God, not even my situation.

  3. Praise the name of our glorious Lord!!! He is so wonderful! Thank you for sharing this story!

  4. Thank you so much, Rebekah, for sharing this story with us! It is always so encouraging to hear of our Lord's miracles!

  5. Its so amazing to see how the Lord works!! That is so wonderful!!

    I miss your comments on our blog! They are always so sweet!


  6. Monika,

    Oh, I know!! God is so very very amazing, isn't He?! :) May His holy name forever be praised! I couldn't agree more with what you said! :) How good He is to us, and how merciful He is! :)
    Hi, Mrs. Whitlock! I was hoping that you would read this post! :) I hope it encouraged you through this trying time that you're going through. Don't ever forget that-nothing is ever too big for our mighty and powerful God!! :) My thoughts and prayers are with you and your daughter! Please keep me updated.
    A heart of praise,
    Amen! :) How wonderful He is, and how often we tend to forget that truth! I feel so blessed to have witnessed this miracle, for it has shown me all the more what a powerful and merciful God we serve! He has everything under control, and everything is in His hands! :)
    You're welcome, Leah(Sammybunny)! :) I'm always so encouraged as well, when I hear such miraculous stories! To have witnessed it first hand was simply amazing! :)
    That's so true, Hannah! The way God works is oftentimes so very amazing! I have some tesimonies on that very subject myself! He truly does work in mysterious ways, teaching us to trust in and rely on Him!

    I'm so sorry I've been behind on my commens!! You're so kind. :) I will be heading over to your blog soon-I've been missing it!! :)

    See you Sunday!


  7. Thats OK Bekah. I totally understand, I have been behind too, and am trying to catch up! Again, the Lord is ever amazing!!!



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