Wednesday, February 6, 2008

1st Blog Award!!

A couple days ago, I was awarded the "Blogging with a Purpose" Award by my very dear friends and sisters in the Lord, Jade and Autumn S., who blog over at Handmaidens With a Mission. I am so honored and completely humbled! I have to tell you, Jade and Autumn, that I was so excited when I discovered that I had recieved my first blog award!! :) Thank you so much for awarding me. I'm sure I don't deserve this great award, but I'm very thankful for it. :) You two are so kind.

This blog was begun with the purpose of bringing glory, honor and praise to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. It was also begun with the purpose to edify, encourage and strengthen ladies and young girls. They truly need encouragement and edification, for we live in such a feministic and ungodly culture. I truly hope this blog is successful in both of those important purposes. Whenever I receive an e-mail from one of my readers, telling me that I'm changing their life, bringing them closer to God, etc., it truly makes my day! That's the reason this blog exists, and I truly hope and pray heartily that it continues to be a blessing, encouragement, edification and strength to all of you dear ladies!

And now, it's my turn to award 5 blogs. The following are 5 very dear ladies, whose blogs I absolutely love!

This young woman is an amazing writer! Her posts on Biblical womanhood, feminism, femininity, modesty, purity, etc. are such an inspiration! She's such an encourager, and a true shining light in this feministic world. I have been richly blessed to get to know her, and I will always treasure her friendship.

These sisters are my dear friends from church. They are so likeminded, and have been such a blessing to me! They're such a joy to be around, are true examples of Christ's love, and I feel very blessed to be their friend. You're sure to enjoy their blog, where you'll learn about the life and times of a wonderful, joyous, Christ-honoring family of 11.

This girl is such a sweet friend!! We haven't known each other all that long, but already, I can tell that she's such a dear, dear sister in Christ. We are both huge lovers of Anna Sofia and Elizabeth Botkin's book, So Much More, as well as their documentary, The Return of the Daughters. We're very likeminded, and I've been tremendously blessed by her friendship. Be sure to visit her blog; it's awesome!

I adore this blog! Kathleen is such an amazing light for the Lord. She enjoys refuting feminism, embracing femininity, and living out her roles as a godly young woman. I'm so thankful that the Lord brought me to her blog; I enjoy reading it so much, and know that you will, too!

Yet another amazing blog!! This girl is so sweet, and her blog is so amazing! She delights in being a young woman for God, she refutes feminism often, embraces femininity, and blesses her readers with an amazing blog. Go check it out; it'll become one of your new favorites!

Allright ladies, those who I awarded are now supposed to go on and each award 5 more blogs. :)

Thank you again so much, Jade and Autumn for awarding me! You two are so sweet. May the Lord richly bless you and your family!


  1. Bekah,
    Thank you! Congrats to you too! We are so honored!! We really appreciate this, and hope that our blog continues being a delightful place to visit with the purpose of glorifying our dear Lord & Savior!
    (I would just like to mention to you that you linked to the wrong blog. Our blog address is
    Again thank you, and Congrats yourself!! :)
    In & Through Christ Always,

  2. Thank you so much Rebekah, I have greatly enjoyed your blog too.
    Congratulations on the reward!
    Many Blessings in Christ,

  3. Bekah, thank you so much! This is so sweet of you. :)

  4. How exciting to receive your first award!! Thank you for passing it along to me as well. I did not expect it at all! Thank you so much! :)
    In Him,

  5. Well, I'm quite surprised and honoured. I don't feel that my humble collection of ramblings, ravings, and recipes is really worthy of an award, but thank you! That is very kind. *blushes* :D


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