Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Devotional on 1 Timothy 2:9-10 part 1

In like manner also, that th women adorn themselves in modest apparel with propriety and moderation.

~1 Timothy 2:9a (NJKV)

This is an exceedingly important command that all too often goes unheeded in the church today. In our culture,(as it was in Ephesus at the time this passage was written), church-going women oftentimes attend worship services dressed in very immodest clothing, whether it be revealing clothing, tight clothing, gaudy clothing, etc. These women are preocupied with the desire to snag a guy by the way in which they're dressed. In the youth group of our old church, many teenage girls attended the church services for the sole reason of getting a young man's attention, and this showed in the way they dressed. Other girls there did truly attend church for the purpose of worshipping the Lord, but they as well attended the worship services in very immodest attire so that they might also acquire the attention of the boys there. Their thoughts were not on being godly young women attending church for the purpose of worshipping God and learning more about His Word. Rather, their thoughts were on ensuring that their clothing, hair, makeup, etc. looked such a way so that they would be liked by the boys at church. Sadly, women guilty of this as well. This is a wicked and vile sin and is immensely abhorred by God Almighty. The female after God's own heart desires to dress in a manner that while she's at church, no one's thoughts are on her, but rather on the Lord to Whom the church service is dedicated. The true godly woman doesn't want attention placed on her in any way, but rather on the Lord and His goodness. When people at church see her, the true Christian lady desires for them to see Christ in her. She wants them to see her modesty, chasteness and love for the Lord.

In his study Bible, Mr. John MacArthur, regarding the words 'propriety' and 'moderation' in this verse, writes that "the Greek word for 'propriety' refers to modesty mixed with humility, which carries the underlying idea of shame. It can also refer to a rejection of anything dishonorable to God, or refer to grief over sin. 'Moderation' basically refers to self-control over sexual passions. Godly women hate sin and control their passions so as to not lead another to sin." As you can see, the truly Christ-like lady is clothed with modesty and humility. Simply the thought of dressing in such a way at church as to cause another person there to sin, or to cause their attention to Christ turn rather to attention dedicated to her, is enough to make her ill. She would never ever want to be guilty of being dressed at church in such a way that there would be sin there in the house of God.

I cannot even begin to express to you the huge importance of dressing in a modest manner at all times-not just at church. We are to be shining lights for Christ in this dark world, and the simple truth is that we will be unable to be a shining light for Him if we're adorned in immodest apparel.

So, ladies, band together with me, and purpose to be a lady of modesty for the glory of our blessed Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!


  1. Such a beautiful post, Ms. Rebekah! It is SO true! Sometimes at my church I see women wearing low cut blouses and a TON of makeup and I just feel sad that it seems they are trying to appear so attractive when they should be worried about preparing their hearts for worship. I know that some women don't even think about appearing attractive and just are naturally "put together". God judges the hearts and He is worried about how we worship him, not about how attractive we are to everyone.

    Wonderful post!

  2. when I started to go to church agian my mother always told me to be modest. I saw girl and boys wear their street clothes. I was always told to wear your best and to be modest in the church these girls were wearing skin tights jeans and wore skin tight tee-shirts I was shocked and the pastor didn't even say anything.

    great post!!!

  3. Well done. It is so very important that we dress in a modest fashion. I think you have hit the nail right on the head there. And for some people to think that one cannot be "beautiful" without wearing the latest fashion or dressing immodestly, etc. they are quite mistaken. Ones beauty comes from the heart. No matter how attractive you are on the outside, the inside is what makes a woman beautiful.

    Thanks for posting!


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