Tuesday, February 12, 2008

A Beautiful Valentine's Day Celebration

This post is dedicated to all of those dear and precious ladies who are committed to complete purity and chastity. You ladies may find yourselves "alone" by the world's standards on this Valentine's Day, but I hope this post encourages you and lifts your spirits, by showing you that the true Lover of your Souls is right by your side on this holiday! I hope that you will all join with me, and will dedicate this Valentine's Day to the Lord and His glory, honor and praise! God has placed in the heart of every maiden the longing desire to meet her Prince Charming, to be pursued by Him, and to then ride off with him into the sunset to his castle, where she will forever be loved, protected, provided for, and cherished. This is a beautiful and wonderful desire created by God Himself. But Valentine's Day only intensifies this desire all the more, and the images of red and pink hearts, of couples holding hands and going on dates, only brings to mind yet again the reality that because you're a maiden committed to courtship and complete purity, you won't be celebrating Valentine's Day with a special someone as "everyone else" will. You may begin to feel sorry for yourself, thinking that simply because you have no "special someone" this Valentine's Day, that you're somehow all alone. But there's something you must remember, dear maiden: as a Christian, you already have something that countless girls and young women only dream about and wish they had-a perfect, fulfilling, everlasting, true love. As a Christian maiden, your true Knight in Shining Armor and Prince Charming has already come and swept you off your feet! The Prince of Peace and King of Kings has pursued you relentlessly, is jealous for your full attention and dedication, is enthralled by your beauty, has showered you with His amazing love, and will one day escort you to His beautiful castle-the Mansion in Heaven that He's furnished just for you, His own precious treasure. There, you will forever be in His divine, loving presence. You, dear sister in Christ, have already been pursued by the most complete and wonderful love to ever be found-a true and perfect love that will undoubtedly last forever and ever. Only His love is able to fulfill the deepest desires of your heart, and true satisfaction comes only from Him being #1 in your life.

Ladies, don't allow this Valentine's Day to slip by. Don't discontentedly waste your time on Valentine's Day by feeling sorry for yourself and by idlely pining away for your future spouse. Instead, dedicate Valentine's Day this year to the deepening of your relationship with your Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, the lover of your soul. Celebrate this holiday by doing everything in your power to make your relationship with Him deeper and more intimate. Make Thursday a Valentine's Day to remember by spending it in a rendezvous with the King.

So, how about it, maidens? Will you join me this Valentine's Day, with the commitment to dedicate it to the deepening of your love and adoration for the Lord and to the strengthening of your relationship with Him? I wholeheartedly pray that you will, and that this Valentine's Day therefore becomes a day to remember and cherish always. I encourage you to begin planning now what you will do on this special holiday to show the Lord how much you love Him. The following is a group of ideas to get you started:
  • Compose a letter of love and thanksgiving to your Savior.

  • Spend time in deep conversation with Him.

  • Awaken early in the morning(perhaps right after sunrise) and go out on your front our back porch. Spend time alone there(just you and the Lord), reading the Bible-the Lord's precious love letter to you, and enjoy drinking in the beautiful truths to be discovered in this wonderful Book.

  • Find little ways to please Him by serving others(perhaps by serving your mother breakfast in bed, or by volunteering to babysit your siblings so that your parents can go on a special Valentine's Day date).

  • Memorize verses of God's Word that tell of His immense love for you.

  • Sing praises to Him.

May the Lord richly bless you, dear ladies, and may this Valentine's Day prove to be one of the most special and precious days of your life-a day dedicated to the worship and adoration of the Lord! :)


  1. Thanks, It also applies to those of us who aren't commited to courtship, but have a very high standard of dating are are dateless tomorrow.
    another great post about this is here: http://www.briomag.com/briomagazine/relationships/a0007625.html

  2. Thank you for your encouraging post, Rebekah. It is wonderful!!

  3. Thank you, Leah! :) I hope you enjoyed it.

    You're welcome. Yes, it applies to you as well! :) Thanks for sending me that post; I'll definitely go check that out.

    Have a blessed day!

    You're so welcome! :) I hope it blessed you.


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