Monday, February 11, 2008

Monday's Devotional

The fear of the Lord leads to life, and he who has it will abide in satisfaction.

~Proverbs 19:23a

A Christian can only be truly satisfied in life and totally fulfilled and complete if he obeys the Lord's every command, out of reverance and fear for Him. That's where true joy and satisfaction is found. Don't ever let the world tell you that you'll only be happy if you follow the world's standards. Don't ever let the world tell you that all that "strict Christianity stuff" just steals your fun and fulfillment. Both of those are complete lies.

The life of the Christian that is completely and solely dedicated to the Lord and to the loving obedience of His commands, is the most complete, adventurous, fulfilling, exhilarating, joyous, blessed, exciting, productive, and happy life that you could ever imagine! True joy and happiness in life can only be found in God and in following His Word. No matter what some people may think, no one can ever be truly fulfilled, complete or happy by following the world's philosophies-whether they be feminism, humanism, or whatever else. True joy and complete fulfillment comes only from making the Lord #1 in your life. You will never truly be happy unless you are obeying His commands, and unless His blessings are on your life. What the world has to offer pales in comparison to what Jesus Christ offers! The world's philosophies, standards and teachings only bring heartache, suffering, sadness, stress, and feelings of unfullfillment.

The fear of the Lord truly does lead to life. Not only to eternal life, but to the most amazing life while here on earth. It is only in loving Him, obeying Him, fearing Him and placing Him first in our lives, that we find true joy and true fulfillment!

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