Monday, December 17, 2007

Computer Update

Hi, ladies! Well, here I am at the library, because our computer still isn't working! :( Dell sent us a computer part and it hasn't helped any, so I don't know for sure what we're going to do! Please pray that we won't have to buy a new computer! Also, please pray that the computer is fixed soon! I really miss posting on here, as well as looking at other people's blogs, so I'm really hoping we have a working computer again soon! In the meantime, please continue to post your questions, and I will answer them all as soon as our computer is working again.

Have a blessed week!

P.S. What are your plans for Christmas this year?


  1. Rebekah,
    My husband and I will be spending Christmas Eve with his family and grandparents and then will be spending Christmas Day with my family. It will sure be a whirlwind considering we both have to be back at work the day after Christmas but we are looking forward to the time with all our families! What are you doing?

  2. Hey I have a dell beka. Dell used to be good but my computer acting like it had a VIRUS earlier today and it fixed itself. Dell seems trouble some to me. At least with what my computer does. I like dells or used too.

  3. Beka! I got an 5 gig MP3 player for christmas from one side of my grandparents! I love it. It is my first one. I came with a thing where I get 100 free MP3's!

  4. Andrew,

    We don't like Dells anymore! We've had nothing but trouble with this one.

    That's great! Have an awesome Christmas!

  5. That sounds like a lot of fun, Becky! I'm sure you'll be quite busy, though! I'm going to be doing a post on our Christmas plans shortly. Also, did you get the e-mail I sent a few weeks ago? I haven't heard anything back from you, so I just wanted to check.


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