Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Wow! I wasn't expecting this!

Here it is, almost the middle of December, only a couple weeks away from Christmas, and you know what? We have our windows open!! It's supposed to be a high of 77 today! In Tennessee! In the middle of December! How good God is!! For the past few weeks, we had been experiencing temperatures that were far below normal. And now God has richly blessed us with this beautiful weather! Blessed be the name of the Lord! Mama and I love to have our windows open, but we certainly didn't think we'd be able to have them open in the middle of December! But what a blessing! We sure are taking the time to enjoy it, because all too soon (starting on Thursday) the temperature will begin to drop again!

What's the weather like right now where you live?


  1. right now it's warm and windy:)probably the same as what your having because I live in tennessee too!

  2. It's quite warm here this week, but we still have the snow (some 4"). Last week it was -27(C) with the wind chill.

  3. I think you can guessDecember 11, 2007 at 5:41 PM

    Hey Beks whats up?! Been busy huh? Cool. Keep up the cool work!
    If you still dont know who I am shame on you and heres a clue
    (Beks) Who else call you beks other than ryan!?

  4. Guess who (I really got to get a nickname) OH RED! I am RED!December 11, 2007 at 6:01 PM

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  5. I am probrubly the ONLY guy in here. I probrubly shouldnt be in here since this is a girl website. What do you think Beks?

  6. It is cool and rainy here in Texas. It is about 40 something....I, for one, LOVE it. It is what December weather should be. Really funny considering it was about 75 last week. Oh well!! Do you have your home all decorated for the season?

  7. Hi, Jade! I had noticed that you left a comment on my Thanksgiving post, but I hadn't had the chance to respond to it. :) It's nice to meet you! Oh, you do? How neat! I live in the Chattanooga area.

    Hey, Kathleen! Wow! I wish I was going to get snow this year like that!! :) If we do get snow, it'll probably be only an inch or so. What state do you live in? Is it Illinois? I thought that you had said you lived in Illinois, but maybe that was someone else. lol

    Hey, Becky! I haven't seen you on here in a while! It's great to have you back! That's the kind of weather we'll be having up here starting tomorrow(of course, we probably won't get the rain that you're having!). Yes, our house is decorated for Christmas! In fact, I was planning on taking some pics of our decorations and then posting them on here for all of you to see!

  8. WE had our lights up on halloween


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