Saturday, September 1, 2007

Me and my dear brother Andrew :)

One thing that my dear brother Andrew (who is 8) and I enjoy doing together is reading the Bible. He picks out a passage (sometimes just one verse, sometimes a whole section) from each of the 66 books, and then I read it out loud to him. It's great brother/sister time, and not only do we enjoy the time spent together, but we also get so much out of the Word of God!!


  1. Reading the Bible with your brother is such a good idea!

    The Word is so so dear to us as individuas and as a family! Many families today have lost the lovely habit of reading the scriptures together. I pray that the Lord would speak to the hearts of families everywhere and that they will bring back this wonderful blessing of His into their homes!

    Daughter of Zion,

    Haleigh Elisabeth Poe

  2. Haleigh!! :) It's so great to have you here!!

    Same here! I couldn't agree more! Our family worship times are so precious to us! I've fallen more in love with the Scriptures and with the Lord in the past 3 months or so than ever before in my life! It is such a shame that so many families don't even study the Scriptues together and have family worship times. It is such a blessing to be able to have those times together! So many families live in areas where they can't even own Bibles! And here we are in America and we're allowed to own Bibles yet we take that for granted and don't even read them as we ought! It's just so sad! But, it is such a huge blessing to me and our family to meet likeminded believers such as your family, who see family worship times as such blessings, as well. Your family has been such an encouragement to us, and we feel so blessed to have met you!

    Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow!

    All for His glory alone,
    ~Rebekah Ann Shadoin

    P.S. Keep the comments coming! :)


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