Tuesday, September 11, 2007

My favorite poems from "Morning By Morning"

The following are some of my very favorite poems found in Mr. Spurgeon's book, Morning By Morning. I hope you enjoy them as well!

"Order my footsteps by Thy Word,
And make my heart sincere;
Let sin have no domain, Lord,
But keep my conscience clear."

O Let my trembling soul be still,
And wait Thy wise, Thy holy will!
I cannot, Lord, Thy purpose see,
Yet all is well since ruled by Thee."

"God is God; He sees and hears
All our troubles, all our tears.
Soul, forget not, 'mid Thy pains,
God o'er all forever reigns.
Fear not death, not Satan's thrusts,
God defends who in Him trusts;
Soul, remember, in thy pains,
God o'er all forever reigns.
Gor this life's long night of sadness
He will give us peace and gladness.
Soul, remember, in Thy pains,
God o'er all forever reigns."

"Say not my soul, 'From whence can God relieve my care?'
Remember that Omnipotence has servants everywhere.
His method is sublime, His heart profoundly kind,
God never is before His time, and never is behind."

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  1. Dear Rebekah,

    Have you ever heard of the book Spurgon Gold? It's a book with
    a lot of Spurgons sermons and quotes.



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