Saturday, September 22, 2007

Our trip to Savannah, GA-Day 3 (Monday, September 17, 2007)

I'm sorry that we didn't take any pictures on day 3 of our trip! :( We went to the Savannah mall, played more putt-putt, and just enjoyed being in the city.

I failed to mention a little mishap that occured on our first day in Savannah, Saturday the 15th. It was about 9:30 pm, and we had just returned from the beach and had ordered a pizza. We didn't have drinks however, and so Daddy, me and Andrew went in search of a coke machine. We found one on our floor, but it wasn't working, so we had to go to the one upstairs. Everything was fine until we were walking back down the stairs. I missed the last step, and fell from the stairs onto the concrete. I gently scraped up my leg, but it left a huge ugly bruise. My toes got scraped and one got bloody. Praise be to the Lord that I didn't get hurt worse!! I easily could have broken a toe, but through His grace and mercy, He didn't allow that to happen. :)

Two other things that I really really enjoyed seeing in Savannah were:
1. Fort Polaski, a fort used during the Civil War
2. Two cannons that were used by Washington's troups during the Revolutionary War. (as you can probably tell, I like history. :) This wasn't always the case, though! I used to find it very boring, but now I love it, thanks to Vision Forum and their Christ-honoring products.)

Needless to say, as I'm sure this is so evident from the pics, we had a wonderful time!! This trip provided us with memories that will last a lifetime! Daddy's already planning next year's trip to Savannah! :)
I would highly encourage all of you to visit Savannah with your families! You won't regret it!


  1. Ouch! Thank the Lord that you weren't hurt worse!! :)
    Oh, history is always so interesting! I'm so glad that people back then took it upon them selfs to write things down! Otherwise we wouldn't know a thing about how things were done, or what kind of things happened and so on. The best history though is definitely the Bible!!!

  2. It definitely sounds like you and your family had a wonderful time. I always imagined Savannah to be gorgeous....I mean I even just love the name. It makes me think of beautiful Southern belles sweeping down the steet. Maybe someday I will get to experience your pictures in person. I am very thrilled that you didn't get hurt any worse in your stairs incident.

  3. Hannah,

    Yes, so true!!

    History is very very interesting!!! I am so very very thankful to the Lord that those people took the time to write down what happened during their lives. In fact, I've recently felt the Lord laying on my heart that I need to start a journal that I can write in as often as possible, throughout my life (a multi-generational view journal). My plan is to then hand the journal down to my children, who will then hand it down to their children. This way, even though more than likely I will not be a noted person in history, at least my descendants will be able to know what life was like during my time. So true! The best and most exciting and important history is definitely the Bible!


    We really enjoyed our vacation! :) I love the name, too!! It makes me think of sounthern belles as well! I would love to own a dress like the ones they wore!! Savannah was founded in 1733, and so it was so neat to be there and to imagine the way the women would have looked then as they walked down the street. It was cool. I hope you are able to take a trip to Savannah sometime!! You would have a great time. So am I! I was so blessed-the Lord's hand was definitely on me!


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